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5 dimensions of MySQL performance optimization

If an interviewer asks you: What dimensions would you use to optimize MySQL performance? What would you say? The so-called performance optimization is generally for MySQL query optimization. Since we are optimizing the query, we naturally need to know what steps the query operation should go through first, and then think about improving the corresponding steps

You can't Sequelize me

In the process of using Sequlize, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships between tables are difficult for us front-end students to understand and API use. This article has done a lot of actual code operations and improved the support for TS part, which is worth your learning

How does innoDB solve phantom reading?

How does innoDB solve phantom reading? 1. Mysql transaction isolation level these four isolation levels, when there are multiple transactions concurrent conflict, may appear dirty read, unrepeatable read, magic read some problems, and innoDB in repeatable read isolation level mode to solve magic read

MySQL can also be used as Mongo?

A new json field format is available in MySQL 5.7.8 and above, and a large number of functions are provided to manipulate JSON-type data, so that our MySQL can store document data like Mongo.

Tencent engineers teach you how to play RocksDB

In facebook's version of MySQL (hereafter referred to as MyRocks), RocksDB is the optional storage engine. One important advantage RocksDB has over the InnoDB engine is that it uses less disk space. In production systems, especially Internet applications with more than 100 million users, disk space is one of the larger costs.

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