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Analysis of B trees and B+ trees

Recently, when I was reading some books on mysql, a year flashed through my mind, B+ tree, HERE I know, B tree, I also roughly understand, then he two are, oh, ha ha ha, forgot, so sometimes it is necessary to summarize a wave of writing tree

A SQL execution process

When you open a database client, connect to the database, enter a SQL statement, click execute, and output the result. What happens in the process of execution? The following figure shows the schematic diagram of the interaction between the client and MySQL. Trajectory of a query statement The trajectory of a query statement is

I thought I was familiar with Mysql business until I met interviewer Ali

A dusty man in a plaid shirt walked towards him, holding a MacBook Pro in his hand, looking at the sparse hair, and the calm eyes. My heart a quiver, I go, this is the architect, the architect to face my technical side, my heart suddenly not calm, the surface is very stable in fact a batch of panic. Sure enough, he had my resume in his hand, took a quick look at it, and then looked at it out of the corner of his eye...

Springboot + MyBatis plus + mysql tree query

Context During actual development, you often need to query the node tree and obtain the list of child nodes based on the specified node. The following describes how to obtain the node tree in case of emergency. The application scenario can be applied to data structures with hierarchical relationships, such as system departments, organizations, commodity categories, and city relationships. The design,

How to analyze MySQL deadlock problem

If our business is at a very early stage and the concurrency level is low, we can go years without having a deadlock problem. If our business is at a very high concurrency level, then the occasional deadlock problem will cause us a lot of headaches. However, when the deadlock problem occurs, the first reaction of many inexperienced students is to become an ostrich: this thing is very profound, I can't understand it, just leave it to fate...

MySQL Online DDL principle and step pit

The Data Definition Language (DDL) of MySQL includes adding or subtracting fields and indexes. Before MySQL 5.6, MySQL DDL operations would copy the original table and modify it accordingly. For example, the DDL operations on table A are as follows:

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