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Directing a que

Mongodb is a Nosql database distributed file storage database written in C++, high performance using BSON document storage

MongoDB: Array_aggregate ()

This paper introduces the MongoDB array aggregation operations in the array element expansion, array sorting, skip and limit the number of return operations, combination of skip and limit can achieve paging effect.

Directing practical

Add the --auth option to mongod startup or add auth=true to the configuration file. The instance is restarted to create a common user, user1, and a database, Eva. User1 now has dbOwner privileges for database Eva.

MongoDb basic add, delete, change and check operation summary

I have been used to using Mysql database before, but I am not familiar with the command line of MongoDb. Here is a summary of the command line of MongoDb, which can be easily referred to in the future. Database operation 2. Set operation 3. Document operation obj indicates the object to be updated.

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