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C++17 parallel sorting experience

Using C++17 Parallel Algorithms for Better Performance Microsoft announced support for C++17 Parallel Algorithms in a blog post published in September 2018. It is used in the same way as the C++17 standard and does not require much change. Since multicore causes clock_t to accumulate multiple times, timing has to be changed...

The man with 1000 bags + vue.js + React Native + strange and clever

Sindre Sorhus, one of the most prolific engineers in the Node.js community, released his 1,000th NPM package this week. According to NPM, Sindre Sorhus accounts for 12% of all downloads. How do you feel when you see this? In addition, I have translated some wonderful articles into Chinese.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch! Read the four questions behind apple face brushing before deciding to cut your kidney

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X in the early hours of September 13, one of the most talked-about features of the device was its Face ID, or Face swipe. These days, in the circle of friends, mobile phone + face this hot flood. On Monday, the day Xiaomi released the Note3 face brush phone, AI Tech Camp wrote about four ways that face brush phone can be easily cracked...

Office 365 Developer program

The computer crashed for many times, and I reinstalled the computer in a fit of anger, only to find that all the Microsoft services I sent before were invalid. I heard about the Office 365 developer plan earlier, so I started to operate it myself

VS Code - (13) Use gestures for VS Live Share (Code real-time collaboration plug-in for improved efficiency)

The product was held in for more than half a year and finally became usable. After experiencing it for some time, the hydrology was born... What is this goods, Microsoft's own real-time collaboration plug-in, useful graphite documents or Tencent documents have not? That's almost it. When bringing in new people, you can realize the training at the code level, explaining the idea and code at the same time. It's hand in hand. Sign In With User Co...

What else is fatal to pixel sandbox games?

On September 17, 2018, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened at the West Bund Art Center in Shanghai. Shen Xiangyang, executive vice president of Microsoft worldwide and head of Microsoft artificial intelligence and Microsoft Research Division, said that minecraft education edition will officially hit the Chinese market next year. Minecraft has sold a total of 144 million games worldwide, and it's worth noting that sandbox games in China's major app stores...

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