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Intelligent chip + solution, looking at the horizon can Kai Yu usher in the dawn?

"Today, Horizon Robotics held a product launch event where it unveiled its self-developed embedded intelligent vision chip and three intelligent solutions for intelligent driving, intelligent city and intelligent business. This is the first time horizon has publicly announced a new product after a long hiatus, and for those who have been following Horizon for a long time, this is no doubt a bombshell. To leave...

Try using SharePoint

Today is the fourth day of work. Thank you very much for teacher May who greeted me yesterday. Otherwise, I really don't know how to start social difficulties. If you come across SharePoint at work, check it out, or if you're not just curious. Otherwise you don't have to look

In the taxi at midnight, we talked with some yizhuang true love migratory birds

When the lights come on in Beijing, the financial migrant workers in Xicheng close their computers with the whole universe in them, order a cup of latte in 1982 at Starbucks in Yinglan, and avoid the rush hour at Fuxingmen subway station. Dongcheng media flower rushed into the bathroom for a good dress and high heels, ready to go to Sanlitun about forever; He packed up his Swiss Vigo schoolbag, took off his flip-flops and put on his running shoes for the subway. And at this time, the south city out...

.pptx to .ppt

Why I'm writing: Well, there's always something that hasn't been updated... 3.1.1 Left mouse button click "File "--> click" Export "--> find "Package presentation into CD" and click" Package into CD"--> select "Copy to Folder" in the pop-up dialog box --> set folder name and save where -->" OK "--> pop up dialog box ask you to choose is with...

How to improve generative sentence summary from encoder and decoder?

Editor's note: Automatic text summarization is an important part of natural language processing research. How to obtain high quality abstract text is a great concern of many researchers. In this article, Zhou Qingyu, PhD student of Harbin Institute of Technology and Microsoft Research Asia, tells us how he learned from coding

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