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5 wins out of 8, microservices VS individual architecture

More and more organizations are moving away from monolithic applications in favor of a microservices architecture, where business processes are divided into independent services. In a flight booking, for example, there may be many separate processes involved: booking a flight with an airline, paying for it, and sending a confirmation message to the customer when the flight is successfully booked. Microservices architecture is the separation of processes into independent services based on business. In the example above, the machine...

Are we designing microservices or small unit applications

In the design and practice of microservices, many people may agree that "how many microservices can be divided into single applications is the design focus of microservices". A lot of people spend a lot of energy on unbundling microservices and attribute the design of microservices to how well they are unbundling microservices. But the truth is

Blowing micro service every day, monomer application is not good?

Recently in the research of micro-service architecture, I have a little experience, and I plan to write several articles on the public account and share them with you slowly. This topic is a bit big, AND I will tell you slowly in several articles. Today, I will first talk about the disadvantages of traditional single application. It is precisely because of the disadvantages of single application that we have to consider the development of micro services. The history of human development is a history of social division of labor, from this Angle...

How to choose a microservice architecture?

The concept of microservices was first put forward by Martin Fowler and James Lewis in 2014. They defined microservices as small services composed of a single application with its own process and lightweight processing. The services are designed according to business functions and deployed in a fully automatic way. Communicate with other services using the HTTP API. At the same time, the service will use the minimum...

Preliminary use of MicroApp

Using the idea of WebComponent for reference, MicroApp encapsulates the micro front end into a WebComponent-like component through the combination of CustomElement and custom ShadowDom

Dapr Combat (part 1)

Dapr is a portable, event-driven runtime that makes it easy for any developer to build resilient, stateless, and stateful applications that can run on cloud platforms or edge computing. It also supports multiple programming languages.

How to build an APM client (Zipkin, Jaeger, SkyWalking, OpenTracing)

With the popularity of microservice architectures, multiple services are often involved in a single request, making service performance monitoring and troubleshooting more complex. APM was born. Currently, there are many implementations of APM server on the market. Zipkin, Jaeger, SkyWalking, Elastic APM, Etc...

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