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Newbies to microservices should read this article first

In recent years, micro services have really been on fire. But many people have not been contacted, and even do not know the development process of micro services, the origin of micro services, and then started to do, this article tends to be theoretical, please see the content. At the same time, welcome everyone to like, forward! Article main content one, incognito

Common distributed transaction solutions

A transaction consists of a set of operations that we want to execute correctly, and if any step in this set of operations fails, we need to roll back previously completed operations. That is, all operations in the same transaction either all execute correctly or none at all. When it comes to transactions, there are four notable features of transactions. Atomicity requires that a transaction be an indivisible execution...

How to Design a Highly Fault-tolerant Distributed Computing System with 100 Million Level Traffic Architecture

The previous article, "Evolution of Large-scale Systems Architecture to Support storage and computing of billions of dollars of data," talked about the architecture evolution of the first phase of merchant data platforms. Through the separation of offline and real-time computing links, the incremental computing optimization of offline computing, the sliding time window computing engine of real-time computing, sub-database sub-table + read and write separation, and other technical means, the storage and computing of tens of billions of magnitude of data is supported. Let's start with...

How to land an intelligent robot

With the popularity of intelligent AI, conversational AI products are becoming more common. From the point of product definition, the most fundamental value of intelligent question answering products lies in replacing a lot of repetitive parts of manual work with low cost advantage.

Five Open source API gateways based on Java development

In microservices architecture, API gateway is one of the essential components. The following are several high-performance API gateways developed based on Java language. Zuul is an open source microservices gateway for Netflix. Spring Cloud integrates and enhances Zuul. Zuul uses Apache HTTPClient by default.

From building to using, the evolution of ali Cloud's original micro-service ecology

Introduction: With the maturity of micro-service technology, the core architecture of micro-service is becoming clearer and clearer, technology standardization and industrialization are taking shape, service governance has become a necessary option to use and manage services well, and service grid has become a technological trend under the multi-language micro-service architecture. The evolution of the original micro-service ecosystem of Ali Cloud exactly reflects it

Microservitization of database design and read and write separation

This article has been authorized by the author Liu Chao netease cloud community. Welcome to visit netease Cloud Community to learn more about Netease's technical product operation experience. The database is always the most critical part of the application. At the same time, the more to the high concurrency stage, the database often becomes the bottleneck. If the database table and index are not well designed at the beginning, the later database will be horizontally expanded, and the sub-database sub-table will encounter difficulties. For Internet companies, generally...

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