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Why is English more important than math for programmers? How to learn

Just to be clear: I do not in any way mean to diminish the importance of mathematics to programming. Mathematical knowledge for programming is very critical, such as data structure and algorithm learning to have a good mathematical foundation. Good mathematical thinking also helps. In recent years, the hot AI (artificial intelligence) learning is inseparable from mathematics: probability theory, calculus, linear algebra, and so on. What I've learned over the years is that English is (preferred) for programming...

SM2 cryptography/elliptic curve cryptography MATHEMATICAL principles of ECC

Recently, I joined a company in the field of security, and came into contact with some cryptography, especially the state secret algorithm. There are probably not many companies in this field in China, and I found that the introduction of state secret algorithm in China is very superficial, let alone the introduction of mathematics and cryptography behind it. I've been doing some research on this recently. Keep a journal and hope it will help you. This article mainly introduces elliptic curve...

Introduction to probability density estimation

One outcome of a random variable may occur with low probability, while other outcomes may occur with high probability. The overall shape of probability density is known as probability distribution, common probability distribution has uniform distribution, normal distribution, exponential distribution and other names. The probability calculation of a particular outcome of a random variable is done by means of a probability density function, abbreviated as...

Bit operations | common skills and (2) operation

In the previous section, we introduced several basic operators and operation rules of bit operation. In this section, we will explain some common skills and application scenarios of bit operation combined with specific cases. To make the introduction more organized, this article will follow the rules and (&) , or (|), xor (^), the displacement of the (~) and operation order of operation, to introduce respectively corresponding to the operations of the common used techniques. For certain techniques, such as...

A computing | (a) computing foundation primer

Bitwise operation is an operation based on the binary representation of an integer, that is, the operation is to consider the corresponding binary representation of the integer and the operation of each bit of binary. There are six commonly used operators, namely and (&). , or (|), xor (^), take back (~) and left (& # x3C; & # x3C;) , right shift (>>), and unsigned right shift (>>>).

Common methods for Math objects

Math is a built-in object in JavaScript that provides mathematical properties and mathematical function methods to evaluate numbers. It is used for the Number type

HDU 4565 So Easy! Matrix rapid power

Set (a + SQRT (b)) ^ n for (Xn + Ynsqrt (b)), so there are clearly (a + SQRT (b)) ^ (n + 1) to (aXn Yn + + b * * SQRT (aYn + Xn) (b)). So obviously we have a plus sq

Fun math website -Desmos

I am a person who likes to try new things, and recently found a fun and useful mathematical drawing website. Can be used for numerical calculation, function drawing (dynamic function support), geometric drawing and so on. In mathematical modeling, paper function drawing, dynamic display function changes and so on May be used. So, let me introduce you to this website. 2. Click Start Graphing...

What's 0.1 times 0.1?

Isn't that 0.01? You're gonna think I'm insulting your intelligence. Sure, this problem let us human calculate, is equal to 0.01, but now is the computer age, we ask the computer to calculate 0.1 times 0.1, the answer is 0.01? Some of you may already know the answer, but since we're in development, let's verify for ourselves what the answer is. Non-developers can follow me too...

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