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Pretreatment of time series data and trend prediction based on ARIMA model - big data ML sample set case practice

Copyright Notice: This set of technical column is the author (Qin Kaixin) usually work summary and sublimation, through extracting cases from real business environment to summarize and share, and give business application tuning suggestions and cluster environment capacity planning and other content, please continue to pay attention to this set of blog. QQ email address: [email protected], if there is any academic exchange, please feel free to contact. Copyright Notice: This set of technical columns is...

What machine learning technologies are featured in Ant Financial?

On the special session of "Financial Intelligence" of the Computing Conference held in Hangzhou Cloud Town on September 27th, Professor Song Le, an ai guru, shared the development and application of financial characteristic machine learning in Ant Financial. Professor Song Le is a researcher in ant Financial's ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Department, and a tenured associate professor and deputy director of the Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech University. He is also a board member of the International Association for Machine Learning and field Chair of several top international conferences. ...


数据介绍:在本部分练习中,您将构建一个逻辑回归模型来预测学生是否被大学录取。 假设您是一个大学部门的管理员,您希望根据两次考试的结果来确定每个申请人的录取机会。您可以使用以前申请者的历史数据作为逻辑回归的训练集。 然后通过布尔值取data中的数据,生成两个Dataframe:p…

Exclusive first talk | ant gold uniform paint far have just completed a major breakthrough in the discovery of AI and the talented person, call for more domestic technical conference, less web celebrity

The 3rd China Artificial Intelligence Conference (CCAI 2017), sponsored by Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence, Alibaba Group & Ant Financial, and undertaken by CSDN and Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be held in Hangzhou International Convention Center from July 22 to 23. Prior to the opening of the conference, CSDN had an exclusive interview with the head of the program Committee of the conference.

How does 2021 algorithm post basic skill tree point?

This article was written in April 2020. It has about 7000 words and is expected to take 18 minutes to read. Sit down and relax. Note: This paper assumes that traditional algorithms are the basic skills of all engineers, so the algorithms mentioned later mainly refer to machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Although the focus of my current job search is still on the back end, but in order to successfully graduate from the current master of artificial intelligence, but also to allow myself to expand the calculation.

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