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Network Adventures: Layer 4 load balancing and its application

I remember occasionally being asked how to reinstall a computer or how to crack a piece of software, and every time I was asked, I would tell people what I had found on Baidu because I didn't know (yes, I was happy). I tell this example, to illustrate, we are engaged in a certain position in the industry, so not in the computer industry, will install and repair computers; Not engaged in the art industry, must be proficient in music, chess, calligraphy and painting. ...

Failover, service discovery, load balancing, it's all about it!!

Yes, it's connection pooling, and it's a must to master when playing Internet architecture. What is connection pooling? The technology for creating and managing connection bufferpools is essentially a way to reuse resources and improve performance without having to create and destroy connections as often as possible. Voice: Database connection pool, service connection pool, all connections

Load balancing is easy to understand

This paper first introduces the role of load balancing and technical classification, and then introduces the common characteristics of load balancing algorithm and its implementation in detail. Through these contents, it can help readers to have a more comprehensive cognition of the characteristics and principles of load balancing.

Hand - to - hand with you to implement a load balancer

Load balancing refers to balancing loads (work tasks) according to a certain algorithm and allocating them to multiple operation units for operation and execution, such as Web servers, enterprise core application servers, and other major task servers, so that work tasks can be completed cooperatively. Load balancing in the original network structure

SpringCloud, which can be understood by laymen, missed the blood loss!

Those who know me may know that I went to an internship these days. The company said that I used SpringCloud(but I don't think it was used very hard). Therefore, this article will mainly talk about some basic knowledge of SpringCloud. (I just learned to sell, mainly as I learn SpringCloud notes!) Of course, my skills are limited, and I might...

PM2 Simple user manual

For online projects, if the project is started directly through the Node app, if an error is reported, it may directly stop and cause the whole service to crash. Generally, there are several solutions for monitoring node. Supervisor: Normally used in the development environment. Forever: Managing multiple sites, often with small traffic to each site, no monitoring is necessary. PM2: Visits to the website...

Deep analysis of Redis series (2) - Redis sentinel mode and high availability cluster

In Redis' master-slave replication mode, once the primary node fails to provide services, the secondary node needs to be promoted to the primary node manually and the client needs to be notified to update the address of the primary node, which is unacceptable to some extent. Since Redis 2.8, the Redis Sentinel Sentinel mechanism has been provided to solve this problem. ...

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