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ExoPlayer chatter Sonic adjust volume

When we use the Android phone to play the video, we find the sound is too loud, we manually turn down the volume; Finding that the sound was low, we manually turned up the volume. In this process, all rely on manual, if you are constantly scrolling short video, if the user needs to constantly manually adjust the volume keys, then the experience is unbearable. This idea is feasible, then we analyze the characteristics of sound, and give...

Now live iOS Flutter hybrid engineering practice

Tencent Now Live iOS App has embedded the development module of Flutter function in the recent version. This paper aims to discuss our Now live terminal team's thoughts and practices on the mixed development mode of iOS Flutter. We welcome your discussion. Overall, the team went through three stages of mixed development mode: Xcode engineering integrated Flutter production mode, Flutter engineering...

Live broadcasting principle and Web live broadcasting actual combat

Live broadcasting has become an indispensable thing in the Internet. It is said that bilibili, Huya and Betta are all ready to go public. Futu securities as an Internet securities company live, of course, also little. At present, the main function of live broadcasting in Futu Niuniu software (hereinafter referred to as niuniu) is education and publicity. Live video can be divided into capture, pre-processing, coding, transmission, decoding, rendering...

Levitating Windows and packaging in Android Live

Small floating window is still a common demand in live broadcast projects. Open other interfaces in the live broadcast room or return to the desktop to continue to play live broadcast content. The following is my implementation scheme. The floating window has some variable parts and invariable parts. The variable part is the style of the floating window and the operation of the specific playback, while the invariable part is the operation of sliding. So separate the two parts and use the adapter mode to connect the two parts.

What is the micro channel small program broadcast component? What are the functions? What small program categories can be used?

Weixin Live Assistant is an officially certified micro channel small program plug-in, providing developers with convenient and powerful micro channel small program audio and video live service. In addition to the ability to push and pull audio and video streaming under wechat small programs, the live assistant also supports iOS, Android, Windows, Web,

How to realize the whole technical process of live video broadcast on the front end

First of all, this article is a concept and practice, to hope to learn and practice a simple camera live web function will help people, due to the limited space and practice deep degree, the effect of the demo only support live play computer end and commonly used real-time streaming video cameras, other complex functions (such as video information real-time processing, high concurrency, Network distribution, etc.) has not yet been implemented and needs further exploration. Here's...

Android Screen sharing - hard coding hard decoding

Speaking of screen sharing between Android, the first contact will be relatively unfamiliar, but how many people have known ffMPEG, does it look familiar? Ffmpeg is a set of open source processing audio and video programs, but for students who know less about C, it is very complex to compile

Android Screen sharing - transfer pictures

At present, there are many kinds of software to realize android screen sharing, but the root of it is nothing more than the process of 'capture - transmission - play', and the Core class 'MediaProjection' must be inseparable from Android whether it is screenshot transmission or hard decoding

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