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Follow the message and start a wonderful journey

This article is shared by huawei Cloud community "Packet's Wonderful Journey on Different Devices". The author of the original article is playing the wind pipe with the drum. In the preceding figure, HostA packets are forwarded to HostB from the local gateway through Router RouterA to HostB. Host

Linux programming - read and write lock rwlock

Read/write locks are another way to achieve synchronization between threads. Similar to mutex, read/write locks can be divided into read and write operations. Multiple threads can occupy read/write locks at the same time, which makes read/write locks more parallel. The read/write lock has the following features: Exclusive write and shared read. The write lock has a high priority. right

Linux System Load

Brief Introduction: During the double Eleven pressure test, one of the common problems is the load surge. Usually, services are affected at this time, for example, the rt surge, the machine cannot be logged in, the command hang is executed on the machine, and so on. What is load and what is load

Is the server sick? Those performance parameters of the Linux server

When a server based on Linux operating system runs, it will also represent various parameter information. Operations and system administrators are usually very sensitive to this data, but these parameters are also very important to developers, especially if your application is not working properly. These indicators can help locate and track problems quickly. Here are just some simple tools to view the system's relevance...

Learning C from 0 series: Environment building, recommended books, self-study experience sharing

Starting from this article, I will share the technical articles of "Learning C language from 0" series. This series will include a series of tutorials such as basic, advanced and project application, which is convenient for beginners to get started with C language and friends who use C language as a review. What I'm sharing doesn't just apply to C, as we all know C is a "process-oriented" language.

The sharedUserId in Android

The value of sharedUserId must contain a ".", otherwise an error will be reported when the package is installed on the phone. Some implementations require the same signature for apKS of the same shareUserId. We all know that each Android application runs on a separate virtual machine to improve system stability, and that each application process is run by a separate Linu...

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