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Linux ps command

Processes in Linux have five states: running (running or waiting in a run queue) Interrupted (hibernated, blocked, waiting for a condition to form or receive a signal) uninterruptible (does not wake up and cannot run upon receiving a signal, the process must wait until an interrupt occurs) dead (forward)

File permissions for Shell series

Understanding file permissions The ls command can be used to view the permissions of files, directories, and devices on a Linux system: listing the following: The first field of the output is the encoding of the file and directory permissions. For example, the first field of the output of the flutter is -rwxr-xr

Revelation! Industry innovation code warehouse encryption technology

Introduction: Principle and demonstration. 01 / What is code encryption? The cloud encryption code service is the self-developed product of the cloud efficiency team. It is the first hosting service that supports code encryption in China and the first code hosting service that implements encryption scheme based on native Git in the world at present. Through the cloud

Linux kernel basic data structure - double linked list

Linked list as a basic data structure, thanks to its simple structure, good performance (two-way linked list insertion and deletion complexity is O(1)), has been widely used in a variety of programming. Linked list is generally divided into unidirectional linked list and two-way linked list. For unidirectional linked lists, its delete and insert

At the beginning of Libuv understand

Libuv is a cross-platform, nodeJs-specific library designed around an event-driven asynchronous I/O model. Libuv provides more than simple abstract objects for different I/O polling mechanisms: Handle and Streams provide a high-level abstraction for Sockets and other instances. In addition, Libuv offers cross-platform file I/O and threading capabilities...

Linux server: LNMP environment setup (Git Repository)

Preface: the last article wrote about Git repository building, a friend said that the server has not been built, so here is an environment building. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES. The first * in *.* is the name of the database in which PRIVILEGES are granted, the root is the user name, and the % is ALL the IP addresses in which PRIVILEGES are granted. Here is roughly finished, online construction...

10 minutes to get started with Shell scripting

A Shell is an application that provides an interface through which users can access the services of the operating system kernel. A Shell script is a type of script written for a Shell. When we say shell, we usually mean shell scripts. Shell is like Java, PHP, Python programming...

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