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Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora are all affected by the Linux kernel privilege promotion vulnerability

Security researchers have discovered a size_t-to-int conversion vulnerability in the Linux kernel file system, and believe that all Linux kernel versions since 2014 could be affected. The vulnerability, named Sequoia (CVE-2021-33909), is a privilege promotion vulnerability that allows low-power users to gain root access.

An analysis of a problem with iPerf3 hitting UDP traffic

Iperf3-C 600M-U-R Connecting point to host, Port 5201Reverse mode Remote Host is swapping [6] local port 45228 connected to port 5201[ID] Interval Transfer Bitrate Jitter Lost/Total Datagrams[6] 0.00-1.00sec 2.06 MBytes 17.3mbits/SEC 0....

Basic introduction to the Linux file system

Think of a refrigerator with multiple shelves, which can be used to store a variety of items. These shelves help you organize grocery items by shape, size, type, and more. The same concept applies to a file system, which is the embodiment of a way to store and organize an arbitrary collection of data in a form that can be used by humans.

Embedded Software Engineer Written Exam Interview Guide -Linux Driver

Hello, everybody. A summary of the written interview was updated today. As a result of baidu net disk to share the data is always invalid. Therefore, I put the PDF version in the Baidu network disk group, if there is a problem, you can timely feedback with me. You can add me as a friend. After your friend passes, you can send me the "profile group", which will be automatically pulled into the group. This article has been updated on GitHub. Click to read it and you can find it on GitHub.

Linux IP protocol source code analysis

The IP protocol is the most important part of the network. It is no exaggeration to say that it is because of the IP protocol that the Internet exists. The most important thing about IP protocol is IP address. IP address is just like our home address, which is used for others to find us easily.

Deadlock analysis on Numa Loadbance

The "migration/1" process on the stack is trying to control the spinlock. Since _raw_spin_lock_irq_save calls arch_local_irq_disable before taking the lock, the "migration/1" process is trying to control the spinlock. While arch_local_irq_disable isa common shutdown interrupt function, let's look at who holds the lock that the process is trying to hold.

Build Bootloader from scratch (based on JZ2440V3 development board)

Project steps: Stage 1:1. Shut the watchdog; 2. Clock initialization; 3. Memory initialization; 4. NandFlash initialization; 5. Code relocation (copy the code in Flash to the specified memory address, that is, the code segment link address); 6. Skip to main function; Write the main function and set the parameters to be passed to the kernel. 9. Make a link to the kernel...

Configfs_sample. C understanding

1. Compile and run the code from the following link: [link] Write the Makefile file: {code... } compile and generate kernel modules: {code... } where, configfs_sample.ko enables the compiled kernel module to be loaded using the following command: {code... Modprobe: FATAL: Module configfs_sample.ko not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.0-117-...

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