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LeetCode HOT 100 Solution (Easy level)

Selected from 100 LeetCode topics, this article is easy level only, suitable for beginners of algorithms and data structures and those who want to improve quickly and efficiently.

Small element K] [LeetCode disorderly array | punch brush

Small element] [LeetCode disorderly array K | brush brush clock in question have been habit, recently saw the nuggets held the brush topic activity, have come to attend! This topic is question 12. I have to say the nuggets theme is beautiful! Praise. This article is participating in the nuggets team online activities, click to check

Bubble sort and insert sort

Bubble sort and insert sort # bubble sort The space complexity is O(1). 2. Stable sorting algorithm. When there are two adjacent elements of equal size, we do not swap. 3

Double pointer leetcode

Given an array of integers in ascending order numbers, find two numbers that add up to the target number. 2. We use two Pointers, left and right, to point to the beginning and end of the array, respectively.

LeetCode (1)

Given an array of integers (nums) and an integer target value (target), find the target value (tar) in the array

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