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LXCFS practices under Docker and Kubernetes

LXCFS is a small FUSE file system designed to make the Linux container more like a virtual machine. Linuxs uses Cgroup to implement resource restriction on containers, but still mounts the /proc directory of procfs on the host by default inside the container, which contains resource information such as meminfo, cpuinfo, stat, uptime and so on. Some of the...

Java scheduled Task technology trends

Scheduled tasks are common requirements of every business, such as scanning the overdue orders every minute, clearing the historical data of the database every hour, collecting the data of the previous day and generating reports every day, etc. ## Java built-in solution ### enable

Kubernetes storage volume

The lifetime of files on container disks is short, which makes running important applications in containers problematic. First, kubelet will restart the container when it crashes, but the container's files will be lost-the container will restart in a clean state (mirroring the original state), and second

K8s scheduling and resource management

K8s resource model POD is the basic unit of K8S scheduling. Resource limits can be set for a POD. When POD schedules, it schedules based on the values of Requests and resource limits based on the values of Limits. Based on requests and the container in pod


When Docker container technology is being heated up, Docker application is difficult -- layout, management and scheduling, etc., are not easy. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a management system to carry out more advanced and flexible management of Docker and containers, and K8S came into being.

Use EventBridge in IaC mode

EventBridge, as the infrastructure for building EDA architectures, provides flexible and rich event gathering, processing, and routing capabilities through some core concepts and features. For many users, the convenience of the console

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