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Fast integration of Citrix ADC with Istio for traffic optimization in microservice applications!

As microservice networks change and grow, their interactions can be difficult to manage and understand. This is why it is convenient to have the service grid as a separate infrastructure layer. A service grid is a way to process microservices on a large scale. It can handle routing and terminating traffic, monitoring and tracking, service delivery and routing, load balancing, circuit breaking, and mutual authentication. The service grid takes these components and makes them the base...

K8s nginx Cross-domain and HTTPS configuration

Certificate problem: When the HTTPS page loads HTTP resources or resources that do not have valid certificates, the page displays an unsafe identifier. Therefore, you need to apply for a certificate for the domain name that requests the resources. You can use Let's Encrypt to apply for a certificate for free. If the internal domain name of the company cannot be accessed from the external network, you can only purchase the certificate and configure it in nginx.

Make "uncertainty" "resilient"? AI evaluation practice based on elastic container

AI scenarios are rich and colorful, and AI evaluation methods are in full bloom. It is a great challenge to design a more general evaluation framework, which needs to take into account different protocols, different model environments, and even different operating systems. This article shares some of our hands-on experiences on the AI evaluation road, highlighting some of our attempts to address the uncertainty of the execution environment. Elastic containers...

CNCF TOC Member Zhang Lei: What does the evolving cloud native bring to us?

Summary: Any cloud-native technology, it is no longer some kind of ability to compensate, but more cloud power in some way more simple, more efficient to use my application. Whether it's the container, K8s, or Service Mesh, they all help the application itself to better use cloud services.

A preliminary study of CLIENT-GO in K8s ii

Recently, there is a need to carry out custom integration of some data of K8S. Using client-GO can quickly and conveniently realize the demand. In K8S operation and maintenance, we can use Kubectl, client library or REST request to access K8S

Deploy Open-falcon in the Kubernetes cluster

If you already have mysql services, you can skip creating mysql services. To create a mysql service, perform the following steps: Obtain the POD ID of the mysql service in the cluster. Download the data initialization script from the Github repo of Open-Falcon. Execute the data initialization script to initialize the database of Open-Falcon. If there are already...

Fluentd collects kubernetes cluster logs and analyzes them

EFK (Elasticsearch + Fluentd + Kibana) is an official log collection solution for Kubernetes. Let's learn how Fluentd collects Kubernetes cluster logs and celebrate Fluentd's graduation from CNCF. Before you start, hopefully you've read The Docker features...

Kubernetes Concepts: Basic concepts and terminology

Before starting to use, we should first understand the related concepts and terms about Kubernetes, which will be of great help to the subsequent learning and use. (Kubernetes concept is more, it is recommended to strengthen the understanding, and clear the various positions and relevance!)

Real-time elastic scaling CronHPA in cloud native

For the traditional IDC business, servers may be added in advance during the promotion of activities or business promotion to improve the overall service capability by horizontal expansion. Under cloud computing, cloud vendors basically have elastic scaling services. For horizontal expansion of business, the business can be abstract as stateless applications, and then according to

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