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Clickhouse synchronizes data with Kafka

Clickhouse itself is an analytical database that provides many synchronization solutions with other components. In this article, Kafka will be used as a data source to show how to synchronize Kafka data to Clickhouse. Flowcharts don't say much,

EFAK - Kafka visual management tool

EFAK EFAK (Eagle For Apache Kafka, formerly known as Kafka Eagle) EFAK is open source visualization and management software, which can query, visualize, and monitor Kafka clusters

Kafka Cluster Performance Tuning practice based on availability metrics - Kafka Business Environment practice

Copyright Notice: This set of technical column is the author (Qin Kaixin) usually work summary and sublimation, through extracting cases from real business environment to summarize and share, and give business application tuning suggestions and cluster environment capacity planning and other content, please continue to pay attention to this set of blog. Looking forward to joining the most combative team in the IOT era. QQ email address: [email protected], if you have any academic exchange, you can...

7 reasons to choose Pulsar over Kafka

Your IT peers in the financial world will be familiar with Kafka, but may not have heard much about Pulsar, a top-notch open source project managed by the Apache Foundation. One of its core technologies, BookKeeper, has existed since 2011 as a subproject of ZooKeeper, sponsored by Y...

How do Kafka producers send messages?

Underneath Kafka there is a process for sending data from producers to consumers. After the producer calls the send method to send the message, it passes through a layer of interceptors and then into the serializer.

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