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Basic use of jQuery

John Resig developed the first version of jQuery in 2005 and announced it in BarCampNYC. On the jQuery website, he writes: So the nature of jQuery's emergence

JQuery analyses

The basic design idea and main usage of jQuery is "select a web element and do something with it". This is the fundamental feature that sets it apart from other Javascript libraries.

Come on, make a Promise in ES6

In daily development, ajax is often used to request data, get it, and process it. Promises are a means of control for an asynchronous process. Promise objects allow us to handle asynchronous process operations in a more rational and disciplined manner. The state can only be postponed from initialization -> success or initialization -> failure. There can be no reverse transformation, nor can there be a successful pity and...

Black Swans in browsers: Unpredictable front-end change points

A "black swan" is an event that is unpredictable, impactful and can be analyzed with hindsight. A few black swan events explain almost everything that happens in the world. Isn't the front end evolving more like a black swan than a gradual one? Let's take a look at history from another perspective... Many history books, biographies are to a deterministic perspective to explain the inevitability of historical evolution, but in fact for life...

4 ways to Implement a "for loop" with jQuery

Abstract: This article discusses some common methods for traversing element tag body in jQuery advanced development. Today we will continue to share with you some common methods for traversing element tag bodies in jQuery advanced development.

Js depth copy how much

Recently, writing business code under the VUE framework inevitably involves the problem of object depth copy, take the opportunity to summarize and record. We'll start with the familiar term "stack" and distinguish between data structures and the memory definition of "stack". The heap and stack in a data structure are two different data structures in which the data items are arranged in order. We will focus on the heap and stack areas of memory. In C...

Write a long-press instruction with Vue

Recently, I learned vue.js. What impressed me most about the framework was vUE's componentization and data-driven view rather than directly manipulating the DOM. With JQuery's fading front-end trend, this UI state change operation is bound to become mainstream. So here's a small example to illustrate. Create a button that you can press once to clear a single input (or press continuously...

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