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Write a React-redux from scratch

This library is optional. In a real project, there should be a trade-off between using Redux directly and react-Redux. The latter, while convenient, requires mastery of additional apis and compliance with its component separation specifications. The use of React-Redux will not be covered much in this article, but the focus will remain on the source code implementation. If you're not sure how to use it...

Comprehensive combing JS object access control and proxy reflection

In Javascript, reading, assigning, calling methods, and so on, almost everything is done around "objects"; For a long time, how to better understand and control these operations has become an important issue in the development of the language. Access control for I. JS Objects Recall that there are two main forms of property descriptors that exist in objects: data properties and access methods. The descriptor must be...

A year of front-end interview to upgrade the road (I)

2017 bachelor's degree, hangzhou, front-end program yuan. Before April 17, SHE was a cute girl with UI. She positioned herself as an interactive god and was keen on researching product user experience. In March, 2017, I entered the company as an intern of UI design. Due to the uncertain prospect of UI development, I decided to transfer to the front of the company after a period of careful consideration (a pat on the head), and learned by myself for a period of time and followed by the experience.

How do you make a bunch of executable code with just emoji?

Recently I saw an interesting code in Zhihu. The code is basically made up of emoji, but copying to the Chrome console is executable, with a "Hello World" warning box. The complete code below, you can first copy to the console to try. This code caught my eye, so I formatted it with a tool, and then went through it piece by piece, although it didn't go into too much depth...

How does WEEx implement common network caching on iOS

Abstract: WeeX aims to take into account the dynamic nature of the Web and native user experience, if you want to maximize the advantages of both, then the cache is particularly important, this article describes how to use the cache, weeX page quickly open, even "second open" effect. Weex aims to combine the dynamic nature of the Web with the native user experience. If you want to maximize the advantages of both, then caching is obvious.

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