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Browser development tools using skills (two) JS debugging + and background docking error debugging

1-1JS debugging has a description problem: after clicking the check mark, no matter inside or outside the function body can display errors 2-1 error debugging with background connection 3-1 event listening breakpoint 4-1 two methods to simulate mobile terminal 5-1 Internet Explorer 6-1 Firefox simulation resolution but cannot

Tail calls and tail recursion

The last call to the ES6 specification adds a memory-management optimization that allows the JavaScript engine to reuse the frame stack when conditions are met. This optimization is great for tail-call code. So what is a tail call? The simplest way to say it is that the function is in return

Event delegate/proxy in js

When I was working on a project today, I found a comment about event delegation in the project's comments (PS: although the following code is not the code for event delegation!).

The LRU has used the cache elimination policy at least recently

Caching is widely used in both front-end and back-end daily development scenarios and can be used properly to reduce unnecessary double calculations. However, in some scenarios with large amount of data or long running time, misuse of cache may lead to problems such as excessive memory consumption and program running lag.

8. Life cycle and usage scenarios of Service Workers

You probably already know that progressive apps are gaining popularity because they aim to create web apps with a smoother user experience and create a native App experience like an App rather than a browser-side look and feel. One of the main requirements is that it is very stable in terms of networking and loading, and it can work in the web

Principle and implementation of hot deployment based on NodeJS online code

As you all know, if there is any code change in the back-end service started by NodeJS, the process must be restarted for the code to take effect. Recently, when I made relevant requirements for online service compilation, there appeared frequent changes of online service codes and frequent updates of code function modules in a short time, and the updated codes took effect when the service could not be restarted. This involves the concept of hot deployment, without restarting the service...

Front-end ES6+ basic summary

ES6, or ECMA Script, is a standard specification for scripting languages developed by the ECMA International Organization for Standardization. ES6 is often used as a generic term to refer to releases after ESMA Script 2015. 2. Let Declare variables A keyword added in ES6 to declare variables. Because its scoped let cannot be advanced and cannot be accessed externally...

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