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Java generates a new PDF from the PDF template

@[TOC] Recently there is a need to generate a new PDF according to the existing PDF template, the online information is a lot of, mainly summary of my problems and code, the first step to create a template 1 through Adobe Acrobat Pro according to the existing PDF

Java recursively displays child nodes

Strike while the iron is hot to make a recursive call, which is also the requirement of front and back end docking. The front end page can expand a row in the table, which needs to meet the multi-hierarchy relationship, so it is more convenient to solve the problem and deal with it in a recursive way

【 Tick notes 】 Definitely worth your spring notes collection

Spring's core container is the bottom core, Context, and Bean. Provides services to the superarchitecture. AOP is the use of dynamic proxy implementation of section-oriented programming, used to extract the same code in different businesses, reduce code duplication and reduce the program see the degree of coupling. JDBC encapsulates the operation of the database, and can easily integrate ORM framework, and provide the operation of the database...

If Logback configuration files are written this way, TPS increases by a factor of 10

The SpringBoot project comes with logback and SLF4J dependencies, so the focus is on writing configuration files, and what dependencies need to be introduced, and log dependency conflicts are completely irrelevant. The Logback framework loads a configuration file named logback-spring or logback in the classpath by default. Store all your logs in one file...

Template Engines: Chapter 1: FreeMarker

FreeMarker is a template engine: a generic tool for generating output text (HTML web pages, emails, profiles, source code, etc.) based on templates and data to change. It is not intended for the end user, but is a Java class library, a component that programmers can embed in the product they are developing. FreeMarker is free under the Apache license...

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