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Linux Shell programming basics

Why do YOU need to learn Shell programming 2. What is Shell 3. How to execute Shell scripts 4. Shell programs need to be written to manage the server. For JavaEE and Pyth...

Java generic erase

Female female = extenfemalesList1.// extenfemalesList1.List<? Extends Female> represents the collection of objects under Female that this collection loads. For this reason, the data we extract must be a Female object or its own class. female

Concurrent Programming in Java Topic 2 (Locks and Synchronizers AQS)

1. Lock Interface locks are used to control how multiple threads can access a shared resource. Generally, a Lock can prevent multiple threads from accessing a shared resource at the same time (however, some locks can allow multiple threads to access a shared resource concurrently, such as read/write locks). Prior to the advent of Lock interfaces, Java programs relied on the synchronized keyword for locking, and Java SE 5...

Volatile and memory barriers

The JVM provides four types of memory barriers: loadload: read. This barrier prevents the processor from reordering volatile reads from common reads. Storestore: write

The Timer Timer

TimerTask: indicates the implementation of the task. 2. The Schedule (TimerTask task, Date time) method specifies a Date to execute the task

Soul gateway source code analysis - the use of RateLimiter plugins

Traffic limiting of the Soul gateway adopts redis token bucket algorithm to implement traffic limiting at the interface level. Zset: a zset array based on Redis. When each request comes in, value is unique, and score can be represented by the current timestamp, because score can be used to calculate how many requests in the current timestamp.

From 0 to 1 Manual authentication system architecture (A) - the most simple and practical architecture system

How to design a simple and universal architecture? Authentication system, the most important two points, nothing more than, 1 login, 2 authentication. Everything else is centered around these two, and there's some boundary condition processing. Like what about the supertube? What should I do if the user changes password or permission midway? Julio cruz

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