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Technical Summary: Chapter 9: Task Scheduling SpringTask

In enterprise applications, there are often "scheduled tasks", that is, to do something at a certain point in time. The core focus is time, that is, at a specific point in time, the system performs a specified operation. Common task scheduling frameworks include Quartz and SpringTask. Add web. Add the configuration file applicationContext-task.<? xml ...

Introduction to Java (Middle)

Introduction last week published the first recommended learning Java series, the content of zero basic white can understand, today this content is more, is also more important content, xiaobian will first on a mind map, to help you understand each knowledge point and hierarchy. Knowledge map description: this part of the content

Principle and implementation of Android JSBridge

JSBridge is nothing new in Android, and implementations vary slightly. Most people know that there is a bug in WebView, see WebView Interface vulnerability and Mobile mounting exploit, although this bug has been fixed in Android 4.2, namely using @javascriptInterface instead of addJ...

Introduction to Node.js

1.1 What Is Node.js? What does Node.js do with JavaScript1.2 Node.js? 1.4. Node.node.js is a JavaScript Runtime built on...

StampedLock source code analysis

1. Overview StampedLock status consists of a version and a mode. The lock acquisition method returns a long-stamp value, which is used to represent and control the access to the lock state. 0 indicates that lock authorization fails. The lock release and transition methods require this stamp as a parameter

The difference between new Integer and integer.valueof

New Integer builds a newly allocated object that represents the specified value. A new object is created in the heap to represent this value. Integer.valueOf determines whether the value is between -128 and 127. if

ConcurrentLinkedDeque source code analysis

ConcurrentLinkedDeque is an unbounded concurrent queue with a bidirectional list structure. Join the ranks of J.U.C starting with JDK 7. Concurrency security with CAS is distinguished from ConcurrentLinkedQueue by this resistance

GMT UTC CST ISO Time stamp for daylight saving time

Hi, I'm YourBatman. Date/time processing is a very common scenario in daily development. If it is just a simple formatting scenario, it is ok. Once it involves the time zone, cross-region and cross-time zone time conversion scenario, and even when there is a bunch of concepts such as GMT time and UTC time, it is always mentally weak and cannot cope with it. In the information age of the global village, multinational enterprises...

My path as a programmer

Listening to the ordinary road of Pu Shu, recall the road of development all the way, some moved. Although I still have a lot of things to learn, although sometimes also very painful, although there are confused time. But at least now I'm still working on it and loving it. Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. To tell you the truth, being a programmer is very hard, even so, I feel doing development is very happy, from the freshman contact computer, want to do this line, until now a...

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