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Xcode projects several ways to add a "dynamic" Framework

How to add Dynamic Library to Xcode project. However, adding dynamic Framework is slightly more troublesome. There are mainly the following ways. PS: When we say "add dynamic library" we mean third party dynamic library, not like UIKit.framework, foundation.framewo...

Utility Optional extension

Optional values are fundamental to the Swift language. I think everyone agrees that it's been a huge boon, because it forces developers to deal with edge cases properly. The language features of optional values enable developers to find and deal with an entire class of bugs during development. However, the API for optional values in the Swift standard library is fairly limited. If you ignore customMi...

New features in Swift 5.4

Swift 5.4, built into Xcode 12.5, adds several new features. The text brief is always about what these new features actually contain.

How does WEEx implement common network caching on iOS

Abstract: WeeX aims to take into account the dynamic nature of the Web and native user experience, if you want to maximize the advantages of both, then the cache is particularly important, this article describes how to use the cache, weeX page quickly open, even "second open" effect. Weex aims to combine the dynamic nature of the Web with the native user experience. If you want to maximize the advantages of both, then caching is obvious.

IOS script package upload dandelion notification spike

You can use the running script to package with one click, upload dandelion directly, notify the corresponding nail group, send the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of ipA package download and @ the corresponding students.

IOS basic learning - multi-threaded GCD exploration

The whole process of GCD is Grand Central Dispatch, implemented by C language, which is a solution proposed by Apple for multi-core parallel computing. CGD will automatically utilize more CPU cores and automatically manage the life cycle of threads. Programmers only need to tell GCD the tasks that need to be performed, without writing any code for thread management. GCD is also the most used multi-threading technology on iOS. ...

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