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IOS - multithreading

This paper mainly introduces iOS multi-thread scheme, multi-thread security scheme, multi-read single write scheme. It's a bit long, so please be patient. Processes In theory, each iOS App is a process with its own virtual space to store its own running data. Each thread

Underlying principles of iOS -- the essence of Objective-C

As an iOS developer, although the underlying principles of iOS are more often asked in interviews, but in practical work, the underlying principles of iOS is a must to master the knowledge.

How do you design your Web requests

Almost all projects require web requests because they can present richer content to users and allow us to manage and synchronize data across devices. Web requests will appear everywhere in your project: the launch page, the list page, the login registration... So how to manage organizational network requests is a very important part of the App architecture. There are similar frameworks on Github like Moya, where we...

A front-line developer thinking about App architecture and componentization

In terms of App architecture and componentization, this article doesn't cover the code level or how to componentize using Cocoapods. Instead, from the perspective of software engineering and combined with my years of experience in front-line development, I analyzed how to make App architecture, how to consider what kind of architecture is reasonable and suitable for my business, and what problems should be avoided in the process of architecture implementation. Pictured above...

IOS basic learning - LLVM compilation process

Understand LLVM architecture and design ideas; Compilation process analysis: input source files; Preprocessing (macro replacement, header file import); Compilation (lexical analysis, syntax analysis to generate IR code); Compiler optimization, and generate assembly code; Generate the target file; Link dynamic and static libraries to generate executable files.

How isa relates to classes

In the alloc & Init & New article, alloc has three core operations, one of which is obj->initInstanceIsa: the class is associated with ISA, and that's what we'll explore today. The main purpose of this article is to understand classes and ISA

Dyld process for iOS app startup process analysis

Preamble: As a developer, if you are familiar with the development of many languages, you will find that the main function is common in most languages. We all start with the main function to focus on how programs are written, compiled, and executed. Does the system do anything else before main

Tip- Compose and network requested data using queues

There is a requirement for queue groups: first, execute two time-consuming operations asynchronously; second, wait for two asynchronous operations to complete, then return to the main thread to execute the operation. If you want to efficiently implement this requirement, you can consider using queue groups

How to write a Swift class in Objective-C?

When writing Swift classes, you can not only inherit the parent class written in Objective-C language, use objective-C protocol, but also take advantage of some other features of Objective-C.

NONPOINTER_ISA and hash tables

Similar to TaggetPointer, ISA is not just a pointer. Some of these bits still encode classes that point to objects. But instead of actually using all of the address space, the Objective-C runtime uses these extra bits to store each object's data like its reference count and whether it's been weakly referenced. Isa isa federation of definitions. ...

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