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IOS Block exploration and understanding

As you can see, for immutable strings, both strong and copy strings refer to the address of the original NSString. In general, you want to get an immutable string, so copy is better.

IOS Series Runtime 2

Introduction Runtime: The Runtime is a set of low-level C language apis, which is the core of the iOS system. The developer can send a message to any object during coding, but at compile time it is determined that the message should be sent to the receiver, who will do the same

Rust log System practice summary

(Last update: 2018-12-20 added [Log color]) Based on the usage summary of log, ENV_LOGGER, fern, etc., detailed configuration suggestions refer to the official instructions. To Cargo. Toml, log is the standard library for logging in Rust projects. Env_logger implements the following policy patterns:

A major upgrade for MyLayout&TangramKit!

MyLayout and TangramKit are OC and Swift versions of frame based UI layout libraries. The latest versions are MyLayout1.7.0 and TangramKit1.4.0. The main purpose of this upgrade is to integrate AutoLayout more closely. This is not A promotional article, but an introduction to A...

IOS collation - About live - build server

This is the 26th day of my participation in the August Genwen Challenge. In fact, I have always wanted to do a simple set of live broadcast (including mobile terminal and service terminal) development test by myself, but I was quite confused before. Recently, inspiration came to me by accident, which instantly relieved me of many doubts.

Kingfisher source code reading Notes (2)

This article is received at the time of reading the Kingfisher source. It includes: 1. Multi-threaded processing of cached data; 2. Handling of exceptions; 3. Breaking all external circular references that may be caused.

Write a Hybrid framework that is easy to maintain, convenient to use and reliable in performance

Based on the previous three chapters, we have completed the basic construction of Hybird framework. Based on the "Writing a Hybrid Framework (III) that is easy to maintain, convenient to use and reliable in performance -- Configuration Plug-in", we have made some optimization, and then made the compatibility of UIWebView. There are many cross-platform solutions, including WEEx, RN and FLUTTER. So for the exploration of WebView...

IOS development multithreading knowledge comb

Almost all operating systems support running multiple tasks at the same time. A task is usually a program, and each program is a process. When a program runs, it may contain multiple sequential execution streams, each of which is a thread. When a program runs in memory, it becomes a process. Process is in is in the running process of the program, and has a certain independent function, process is the system...

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