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Swift Advanced 04: Pointers & Memory Management

Why are Pointers unsafe? For example, when we create an object, we need to allocate memory space in the heap. But this memory space has a limited declaration period, which means that if we use a pointer to this content space, if the current memory space lifetime

The difference between nil nil/NULL/NSNull

Nil, nil, NULL, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil. # define NULL ((void*)0) So NULL is essentially :(void*)0 from the definition, NSNull...

Swift Progression -24- Use of higher-order functions in Swift

"This is my 28th day of participating in the First Challenge 2022. For details: First Challenge 2022." This paper mainly introduces the use of some high-order functions in Swift. This paper analyzes the following high-order functions provided by Swift: Map, flatMap and C

S03E01: Plane equations and normals

A plane can be represented as a point plus a normal vector, but you'll often see it sometimes represented as a plane equation. So, is there any connection between them? For example, in the figure below, a point B and the vector BA can represent a plane. When you represent the plane, it doesn't matter where B is, it can move along the plane perpendicular to AB. In terms of algebraic equations...


KVO noun Behavioral Pattern is an abstraction of the division of responsibilities and algorithms among different objects. Behavioral patterns focus not only on the structure of classes and objects, but also on their interactions. Through behavioral patterns, you can

Animated travel route map

Introduction: This article is written to record the whole implementation process of animated travel route map from 0 to 1. There are some points I want to share in mentality and technology. At present, there are basically no articles about these, if you are implementing similar functions (refer to TravelBoast or love)

Are you sure you haven't fallen for these 10 common iOS development mistakes

I've developed dozens of apps since 2012. Along the way, I learned that developers make some common mistakes during development. Sometimes they do their best to solve the problem, but sometimes mistakes are made and the success is completely lost. So in this article, I've listed some common mistakes in iOS development. Some errors, if not caught in time, can kill the first...

Talk about the underside of RunLoop

What is RunLoop? RunLoop is an important knowledge in iOS/Mac OS development. It runs through the entire process of running an application. It is part of the threading infrastructure and is a mechanism to ensure that threads loop through events without exiting. It is also responsible for managing thread requirements

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