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Talk about ZeroSSL from Acme. sh v3.0

Those familiar with Mingyue know that mingyue has been using Acme. sh as the main tool for server application, deployment and renewal of free SSL certificates. Today, when I was helping a webmaster to apply for SSL certificates, I found that v3.0 started the default free S

Android programmers need to know about HTTPS versus man-in-the-middle attacks

The client sends ClientHello information to the server, including the encryption mode and SSL version supported by the client. After the server receives the ClientHello message, it sends a ServerHello message to the client, telling the client what encryption method and SSL version it will use. The server issues its own certificate to the client, usually...

HTTP + Encryption + Authentication + Integrity Protection = HTTPS

The use of unencrypted plaintext in HTTP communication, such as entering a credit card number on a Web page, gives the credit card number away if the line of communication is bugged. In addition, in the case of HTTP, there is no way for the server or client to identify the communication party. It is possible that you are not actually communicating with the intended party. In addition, you need to consider that the received packets are transmitted through...

Let's Encrypt Free SSL certificate configuration HTTPS

To upgrade the site to HTTPS, we need an SSL certificate, issued by a digital certificate Authority, that encrypts the server's data transmission! At present, SSL certificates are issued by digital certificate authorities such as GeoTrust. The paid version is more secure, but also more expensive, suitable for "companies". There are free versions, such as Let's Encrypt digital certificate.

HTTP and HTTPS protocol, just read one article enough!! Awesome!

Preface For the Internet company interview recently asked about the knowledge points, summed up the Java programmer interview involved most of the interview questions and answers to share with you, I hope to help you review before the interview and find a good job, but also save you on the Internet to search for information time to learn.

"HTTPS" -- all you have to know

With the rapid development of the Internet, the problem of security is more and more important, and human beings are "greedy", far from satisfied with the security of HTTP, so there is HTTPS. How is HTTPS so much more secure than HTTP? Data is not encrypted: HTTP is transmitted in plaintext and does not encrypt the information. As long as an attacker can obtain the plaintext, the user's...

10 cool open source libraries are recommended

Sometimes I give a Github link with the same or similar effect. Some students send me a private message saying, "Big guy, how can you find these effects?" How do you search, or what other secret sauce do you have? Will use Google, Baidu and other search tools search is on the one hand, another important aspect is: record search hide, when see a dazzle...

Learn SSH, SSL, and HTTPS

Don't be afraid of network hijacking, HTTPS will kill it. Open your own web page only to see another weird page? Have a lot of weird pop-ups on your web page? I don't know if you have encountered this kind of problem.

HTTPS principle and OKHTTP support for HTTPS

According to this definition, HTTPS includes THE HTTP protocol and SSL/TLS protocol. It is simply understood that HTTP encryption is transmitted based on SSL/TLS. HTTP is an application-layer protocol that defines a number of rules that request and responder communication follows, which can be described in detail in the HTTP Definitive Guide.

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