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In-depth understanding of HTTP caching mechanisms and principles

Last week ali's interviewer asked the interview question "Can you tell us about the process of 304 and the header properties that affect the cache?" OMG....... I only had a general understanding that 304 status code represents cache before, and I did not do a special in-depth study on this part because I did not step into the pit of cache in the normal project development process. So when asked this question, there is a...

Detailed description of HTTP request format

What is the HTTP protocol? What is the format of HTTP protocol? How many steps does a complete HTTP request go through? What are the HTTP request response status codes? What are the HTTP request modes? How does HTTPS work?

HTTP encoding improves transmission rates

HTTP can transmit data directly as it is, but it can also increase the transmission rate through encoding during transmission. A large number of access requests can be efficiently handled by encoding at transport time

Http learning article

Request Headers Accept: indicates the type of the resource that can be received by the client. Accept-language: indicates the language that can be received by the client

HTTP Learning Notes (4)

HTTP requests are stateless and break at the end of each request. So the server and client will not save any link information. The advent of cookies allows some data to be stored on the client side and sent again

Cross domain

Source: Same protocol, same domain name, and same port. On the contrary, different sources; There's no cross-domain in homology. Even if two different domain names point to the same IP address, they are not identical. Note: Browsers do not restrict access to other domain names through script tags. (For example, the introduction of jquery library is the script tag cross domain, but the browser does not limit...

Browser same-origin policy and how to implement cross-domain

First of all, let's first say what is the same origin policy: two, how to achieve cross-domain the following mainly talk about three more mainstream cross-domain scheme: 1, JSONP 2, more commonly used scheme CORS 3, the most convenient cross-domain scheme nginx in addition before doing websocket in

Discussion on HTTP Protocol

We surf the Internet every day ?, many people know that the Internet is the most used HTTP protocol, but you know what is HTTP protocol? What does an HTTP packet look like? In this article, let's take a closer look at what HTTP is. HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Security advantages and challenges of the HTTP3 protocol

HTTP/3 will no longer use transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and will instead use QUIC, a transport protocol proposed by Google in 2012. In fact, HTTP/3 was originally http-over-quic. October 2018, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

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