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Why use viewPort to develop mobile pages?

Web development on a mobile device, such as a mobile phone, usually includes the above code content. Let's take a look at the performance without additional time: Remote debugging of Chrome is used here, the mobile device is Xiaomi mobile phone, and Chrome is used as the browser. (You can also use Chrome for development

Web Components Native component Trends

In today's popular front-end componentized development, a variety of frameworks bewildering, the same company, different teams, may be using different frameworks. In terms of unified vision, interaction and function, different frameworks may need to be developed with different frameworks. However, when functions and interaction change, all frameworks need to be developed simultaneously. This is a drain on both manpower and material resources, while...

Master webPack multi-page application configuration in 5 minutes

The basic idea of webpack multi-page application configuration is to use multi-entry configuration, and then call htML-webpack-plugin several times to generate HTML files. You can see that a corresponding JS file has been inserted into each HTML as a script tag. Since each page is added, you need to manually add entry and...

Android optimization tool Systrace

Grey: Hibernating. Blue: Runnable (it can run, but the scheduler has not yet chosen to run it). Green: Running (the scheduler thinks it is running). Red: Uninterruptible sleep (usually in a sleep lock state in the kernel). You can indicate I/O load, which is useful when debugging performance problems. Orange: The sleep cannot be interrupted due to I/O load. The main problem is...

Web front-end final big homework - snack mall Web design (HTML+CSS+JavaScript+) implementation

Near the end of the semester, are you still writing an HTML web design class assignment and the teacher's homework requirements are overwhelming? Is the total number of pages required too high? Don't know how to do your HTML web homework? Don't have the right template? And so on. The problem you want to solve is one of the common topics in this web design assignment

Use Emmet artifact to write HTML code quickly in VsCode

Emmet (formerly Zen Coding) is a tool that dramatically improves the efficiency of front-end development. In the front-end development process, a large part of the work is to write HTML, CSS code. Writing HTML code by hand can be particularly inefficient, as there are many Angle brackets to tap, many tags to close, and so on. So, we have E...

HTML is initial-scale

Write in the front: I feel ashamed that I have been doing JQ, about the distortion of the mobile page, until this morning did not know the problem? I wrote a lot of CSS pages before and used Google F12 to check the page on the mobile end. The result is as follows. Then I always thought there was something wrong with Google F12 on my computer, until today with the help of Qichen.

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