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Browser native picture lazy loading of several ways and principles

Preface For the website with many pictures, if all pictures are loaded at one time, on the one hand, because there are many pictures loaded at the same time, the DOM elements of the page will be very many, which will cause the page lag performance to decline seriously, and the pressure of the server will also be very big. On the other hand, load a lot of images while the user browses

Image rotation component implementation

One is the online components of good and bad are intermingled, in THE PC run can also, to the mobile end, all kinds of cards. Before you masturbate code, take a look at other people's components, is the so-called: do not see white do not see. The following are two common round robin solutions on the web that only handle mobile events (touch series), so to experience the full functionality, please use a mobile browser or a PC browser to simulate the mobile version of the following examples. ...

H5 adaptation

IPhoneX, as the only phone with bangs, brought problems to the page adaptation, you can use the following code adaptation iPhoneX.

How to adapt the page to various models

When I first entered the front end pit, I studied for a long time how to adapt the page to various mobile terminals. Then I discovered REM, and recorded the research process

My second day at Lebyte Online (updated)

What is HTML? What is HTML5? HTML stands for hypertext markup language, which is used to describe web pages. Html5 is the fifth revision of HTML, which is more semantic, machine-readable and provides more media access. HTML element tags, attributes

MPaaS H5 container | FAQ knowledge list first

Hybrid development mode is not a new topic. It can not only release new business quickly, but also provide strong flexibility for business update and iteration without considering the time of App release. Compared with Web development, Hybrid development mode provides rich device APIS, making business forms more diversified and rich. MPaaS offline package from Alipay native program, after...

3D model bevel generation based on HTML5 WebGL

Horizontal plane is not the only plane in 3D scene. Space is composed of countless planes, so we may place objects on any plane. How to determine the plane in space? We know that a surface in space can consist of a point and a normal line. The left side of the Demo is the panel. Drag the object from the panel to the 3D scene on the right side. Of course, I drag the mouse to the position where the object is placed.

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