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HongMeng kernel source code analysis (Task management articles) | Task is the minimum run unit competition system resources | Chinese annotation HarmonyOS source | v4.04

HongMeng kernel source code comments in Chinese (Gitee warehouse | CSDN warehouse | | making storehouse Coding warehouse 】 intensive kernel source code, Chinese annotation analysis. Deep dig foundation project, construct bottom network map. HongMeng source code analysis series article [CSDN | OSCHINA | HarmonyOS 】 question-and-answer takeaway, life metaphor, figure...

Hongmeng OS application development experience

The first time I knew the word "hongmeng" was at the beginning of a Dream of Red Mansions. Hongmeng, in classical culture, refers to the chaotic state before the formation of the universe, which means before the creation of the universe. For mobile developers, React Native and Flutter have been joined by a mobile development platform and framework called Hongmeng OS application development. As a former mobile developer, I decided to try something new. ...

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