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Write down an emergency response to the ransomware

Qunhui is a NAS (network Attached storage) system, which mainly plays the role of private cloud in daily life. It can store files in NAS and store and share files through web browsers or mobile phone applications. It also provides rich applications for easy application management. With the help of CDH

Redis unauthorized access vulnerability

Redis can be accessed without authorization due to improper configuration, which is maliciously exploited by attackers. An attacker doesn't need authentication to access internal data, which can cause sensitive information to leak. A hacker can also maliciously execute flushall to flush out all data. An attacker can execute Lua code through EVAL or write backdoor files to disk through data backup. If Redis is running as root, an attacker can...

Here's how JavaScript hackers steal Bitcoin, Vue developers don't worry!

If you're a JavaScript or blockchain developer, and if you care about blockchain and bitcoin, you've probably heard about the hack of Copay, the Bitcoin wallet. But do you know what this is about? Some people say that Vue may be attacked, but there is no such thing as hacking code that only executes correctly in copay projects. Only copay project pack...

Siri and Alexa, which you often tease, are so vulnerable to hacking

By whispering to humans at frequencies they can't hear, hackers can take control of the world's most popular voice assistants. Voice assistants from Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung and Huawei are all riddled with scary bugs, according to Researchers in China. It affects every iPhone and Macbook running Siri, every Galaxy phone, every PC running Windows10,...

Develop SSL online tools step by step

- SSL online tools (completed) :, including symmetric encryption algorithms, asymmetric encryption algorithms, certificate-related tools, and SSL detection. - SSL vulnerability online detection tool (completed), website:, supports nine kinds of SSL vulnerability online detection, each vulnerability detection item corresponds to CVE, and more detection items will be added later...

File upload bypass idea expansion

Introduction to share some file upload bypass ideas, the following content contains actual combat pictures, so the code will be very serious, can see more text expression; This article is only for exchange and learning. Any direct or indirect consequences and losses caused by the dissemination and use of the information provided in this article shall be borne by the user himself

Smart Contracts: AI solutions to smart contract security problems

"An arrow piercing the cloud, thousands of troops and horses to meet each other". After a three-month "long bear market", a pullback in EOS since mid-April has created a spectacular bull market in the digital currency market. However, the smart contract vulnerability in BeautyChain (BEC) was exploited by hackers, and the same vulnerability was exposed again in SmartMesh (SMT) smart contract, and found in OKex...

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