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Building an Android HotFix Framework (Part 1)

Hotfix and plug-in are two hot technologies in the Android field, and they are also necessary skills for Android developers. At present, the popular thermal repair programs include Tinker by wechat, Sophix by Handtao, Robust by Meituan, and qspace thermal repair program. QQ space hot repair solution using Java implementation, relatively easy to use...

Google Play channel over 100M? Try APK subcontracting!

In general, Android developers should reduce the size of the generated Apk by removing invalid resource files, keeping only xxHDPI resources, and lazily loading non-essential resources offline. Under special circumstances, for the consideration of user experience, some APPS that rely on HIGH-DEFINITION lossless resources may generate installation packages of hundreds of meters or even more than 1G. Domestic distribution platforms do not have the size of installation packages.

Android Gradle learning notes

Gradle is an automated build tool that links the steps of compiling, testing, and deploying software together. This article is a study note for learning Gradle. It will give you a new understanding of Gradle and help Gradle build your projects faster and more efficiently. This article is a bit long, if you already know the basics of Gradle, you can go to the directory to see what you want to see...

Configure Gradle

You can configure Gradle and its behavior in the following four ways. The first one takes precedence over the last one. You can modify Gradle (--build-cache) configuration by appending parameters on the command line

Gradle (1) Basic introduction

Gradle is an open source build automation tool that focuses on flexibility and performance. Gradle build scripts can be written in Groovy or Kotlin DSL. Since I write Android and usually develop Kotlin, I prefer to write Gradle in Kotlin. ...

Build script for Gradle

Build. gradle is an important file in Gradle because it describes the tasks that can be run in Gradle. In this article, we will take you through how to create a build.gradle file and how to write it. Gradle is a build tool. A build tool is a tool that uses a set of rules to pass the original code or files to...

My Android Architecture

bintray project build. GradleAndoToolkit toolkit (152 KB) gitee_client_android ? HTTP

[gradle-plugin] The foundation of Gradle plug-ins

Plug-ins: The things that define and concretely execute these tasks. Apply is a function that loads packaged plug-ins or other Gradle files. Maven-publish is a Gradle plug-in that publishes output artifacts to the Maven repository.

Gradle core Project

Gradle is a gradle plugin. Gradle is a gradle plugin. Gradle is a gradle plugin. Gradle is a gradle plugin

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