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Completely understand the Go language Channel

Hello everyone! We meet again, this article we together understand the Go language channel and channel underlying implementation and some often meet questions. Channel is a first-CLA built into the Go language

Android Asynchronous loading -- AsyncTask

Yesterday I looked at the caching mechanism in Android and reviewed asynchronous loading tasks, especially AsyncTask. I usually use Handler to perform asynchronous tasks and seldom use AsyncTask, so

Close reading: Designing the Perfect Date Picker

1. Abstract Date picker as an important and indispensable part of the basic component, we have been quickly accustomed to its invariable appearance, input box + date selection pop-up layer. But when it comes to business, can this conformist look really fit the business needs 100 percent? This article attempts to generalize best practices for date pickers, starting with date selection scenarios from multiple sites. This article...

Do you really know how to search? You're wasting your Life (part 2)

Last article on search methods? You're wasting your Life (1) We've learned some basic uses of Google. In this article I'll take you through more fun and advanced uses of it. (Unless otherwise specified, the following does not contain double signals, and the bold part is the content in the input gold search box). This section opens multi-graph traffic warning. Use ".." , search for the number in the specified range...

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