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An easy Touch event distribution

Android Touch event distribution is one of the essential skills for Android engineers. Event distribution: An event is passed to a specific View or ViewGroup to process (consume) it.

AAB+PAD for Android

Pack AAB+PAD: Play Asset Delivery (PAD) brings the benefits of app Bundle to games. Building with Unity

Personal Summary - Comprehensive "Python Coding Specification"

"Dynamic typing is fun, code refactoring is a crematorium." Dynamic languages are fun to develop in the early stages, but difficult to maintain in the later stages. As one of the dynamic languages, Python naturally has such disadvantages. Actually say "crematorium", also not so serious, as long as strictly abide by a set of norms, also can achieve "reconstruction of the time, also the same cool". Not to the rules do not square, standard nature is very...

Springboot integration Netty combat

This article mainly introduces how to integrate Netty with Springboot. Because I am still in the process of learning Netty, I have no experience of applying Netty to actual production projects. Here is also a summary after searching some Netty examples on the Internet and learning from others' writing methods and experience. Please forgive me for any repetition. PS: For the sake of simplicity...

Several AI engineers, open source their own flirt project

If you still think engineers don't have a gift for hitting on girls, you're wrong. It's not that long ago that a couple of Facebook programmers came up with a music device that can play a song on six different instruments. Then, not to be outdone, Google's tech gurus used AI to create a music synthesizer and officially joined the club of professional hookers. Everyone...

An introduction to A/B testing in the app

A/B testing is A controlled experimental method used to compare differences between two or more versions based on hypotheses that can be confirmed or disproved. This test generates reliable results by deriving a specific test version from the original version. A/B tests are most effective when they are tested in real situations that the subject does not know about. To build A representative sample population for each version, A/B...

Google Git-Repo multi-repository project management

After project modularization/componentization, each module is separated from the main project as a separate Git repository, and each module manages its own version. In a normal Android project, the separate sub-module repositories are managed through Maven repositories and then dependent on the main project in the same way that third-party libraries are introduced. The problem with project iterations in this state is the need to release submodules frequently...

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