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Angular and SAP C4C event processing queues

Angular We can see a function called processQueue in the Angular framework code: this function is started with $scope.$apply: processQueue The core code is inside a for loop, the body of which is a queue that stores asynchronous processing tasks AsyncQueuePosition: {code... } every element in the queue looks like this: a handler function fn, a local variable locals, and a scope object.

GoogleMap JSAPI problem in Safari

Today, in a project using GoogleMap's JS-API, there was a weird bug in Windows Safari. TypeError: Unable to delete property. As a result, some information cannot be displayed normally.

Save the JavaScript variables in the Chrome debugger to a local JSON file

I've written a series of articles to collect some of the tools and tricks that programmers can use to improve their productivity. Recommend a powerful file search tool SearchMyFiles introduces a handy free flow chart and UML drawing software -Diagram Designer introduces the Windows task manager alternative -Process Explorer Space Sniffer, a powerful disk Space detection tool, introduces how to compare disk Space on your computer...

Google service: Google Maps JavaScript API

Be able to access the external network and have a Google account. Go to the Developer Console and create a project. For the first time, you need to create a project to use as a backstop. We create a project named Test, enter it, and then select the API and service modules. Click the library module on the left, go to the API selection page, find the Google Maps JavaScript API, click and enable it. Click on the left key module to create an AP...

Autocomplete with the Google Map API in Ionic or Angular

Installing Ionic or Angular globally using NPM is a simple step beyond the environment installation. Ionic is used as an example in this paper. 1. Install type/ googleMaps {code... } 2. Replace the Google API Key declaration in your index. HTML with your Key and place this code in your index. HTML {code... } 3. Write code I here...

Google Map tile download

Google Map tiles download all kinds of Map downloader to spend money, but too poor to write their own. Address tile address [link]{type}& gl=CN& hl={language}& x={x}& y={y}& LRS = H = roads only M = standard roadmap P = Terrain R = waysroads only T = roadmap S = satellite only T = terrain only y = hybrid g...

ReactJS Practice: Using Google Maps in the React framework

GitHub React. Js has been a hot topic since it was officially released. I won't discuss it much. The React component architecture design App, which contains methods for operations that can be performed by users like search, is the most important part of the React component design App.

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