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Use Go for unit testing

In daily development, testing is indispensable. The Go library includes a testing framework called Testing that can be used for both unit and performance testing. It is integrated with the go test command. The test files are named after the _test.go suffix and are usually placed in the same package as the file being tested. This shows that, on average, every time GenSh is run...

[Golang basis] : Basic variables

2 and 3 are type inference. You can determine the type of a variable based on the initial value set by default. In actual scenarios, batch declaration and short variable declaration are recommended. 1. All statements outside the function must start with a keyword (func, package,

"Go language series tutorial" string

In Go, Strings deserve special mention because they are implemented differently than other languages. What is String? In Go, a string is a slice of bytes. Strings can be created by placing a set of characters inside double quotes

The Go function calls Redux

Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Some time ago in an article I promised to write a further analysis of how function calls and stack calls are made in Go...

Golang Reflection mechanism | Go Theme month

Because of my lack of experience with strongly typed languages, reflection is a concept THAT I really haven't had much experience with before. Reflection in Go is also used to retrieve information about the type and value of a variable while the program is running and then access or modify it. g

Gin framework (4)-Validator field Validator with 10 pieces for your hand touch package

Hello everyone, I am the composer Of the Sun. My last article talked about Zap log management and route initialization. I believe you have already had a preliminary understanding of GIN. This article will cover how to verify the data sent from the front end, the Chinese translation of the verifier, and write a custom verifier 1.

Go language closure details

What is a closure? Closures are entities composed of functions and their associated reference environments. Here are a few examples of closures in the Go language and the problems that arise from closure references. Before explaining closures, let's take a look at what function variables are. In the Go language, functions are considered first class values, which means that functions, like variables, have types, values, and other things that normal variables can do...

Golang FMT package String(),Error(),Format(),GoString() interface implementation

Golang's interface is so widely used that it is used in almost every package, with the FMT package being one of the most used. In real development, you define the standard output of a structure with String(), Error(), Format(), and, more specifically, GoString(). Next, describe how the interface is used, how it is used, and...

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