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04. Operators and flow control

This is the fourth day of my participation in the August More Text Challenge. Operator 3.1 Arithmetic operator Operator Term Example Result + plus 10 + 5 15 - minus 10-5 5 * times 10 5 50 /

Implementation scheme of robot wechat message push

A wechat group is a public place to gather like-minded friends, and the wechat group of quantitative trading circles is no exception. Recently, many users who have been quantified by inventors always ask how to push messages to the wechat group at will. For example, their strategies send transaction signals, but they do not want to automate transactions. They hope to send the signals provided by robots to the wechat group as a reference. For this reason, I looked at the wechat interface and found that public...

33. How do I implement a coroutine pool manually?

Hi, I'm Mingo. During the period of learning Golang, I wrote detailed study notes and put them in my personal wechat official account "Go Programming Time". As for Go language, I am also a beginner, so what I wrote should be more suitable for students who are new to it

【defer】 The new update after 1.14 defer | Go theme month

In Go1.14, there was another update to Defer, which reportedly increased the speed by an order of magnitude. At compile time, defer is executed directly at the end of the function, eliminating the use of the _defer structure and linked list. The official name of this method is: Open Coded. Why does it say that the number of defer should be less than or equal to 8? This is the...

Sync. Cond is used in Go

This is the 19th day of my participation in the August Text Challenge. More details: August Text Challenge Sync. Cond can be used for what? Cond in Golang's Sync package implements a conditional variable that allows multiple readers to wait for the public

Application of cryptography --SM2 document signature check

Note the implementation of SM2 signature verification on some slightly larger files, only the core code is listed here, the rest of the code is not covered, or if you have any questions please check out my cryptology blog

Pprof of Go you didn't know

This article introduces the use of the Pprof tool, as well as the more user-friendly library 'PKG/Profile', and how to use 'NET/HTTP /pprof' to insure online applications against problems that can be diagnosed at any time. The absence of problems does not have any impact on performance

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