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The significance of Go module and the problems to be solved

Recently, I was trying to put together an article on the history of Go package management, hoping to deepen my knowledge of this area. When collecting information, I found this article and translated it. This article, the first in a series, covers the basics of package dependency management. This paper proposes three pain points in Go development, how to solve the problem of only specifying path development in GOPATH...

Dave Cheney: Ten engineering suggestions for writing simple, Readable, maintainable Go code

Dave Cheney is an open source contributor and project member of the Go programming language. Dave Cheney is a respected spokesperson for the technology community, speaking on topics as diverse as software design, performance, and the Go programming language. Dave Cheney has been writing, teaching and lecturing golang around the world since 2009. Dave Cheney is currently VMwar...

Go Interview One article per day (Day 8)

A. A package can contain multiple init functions. B. When the program is compiled, the init function of the dependent package is executed first, and then the init function in the main package is executed. C. The main package cannot contain init functions. D. Init can be called by other functions. A. nil B. not nil C. co...

Read Go generic design and usage scenarios

On December 14, 2019, Go officially released the Go 1.18 Beta1 version that supports generics, which is the most significant functional change of Go language since its birth in 2007. At the heart of generics are three concepts: Type Parameters FO

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