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GitHub Actions to deploy VuePress documents

GitHub Actions is GitHub's continuous integration service, launched in October 2018. I've been experimenting with it these days and find it very powerful, creative, and more than Travis CI gameplay. This is a simple tutorial on how to use GitHub Actions to automatically publish a VuePress application to your Gi...

10 Fun Open Source Games on GitHub (plus online demos)

GitHub, as an open source repository for programmers, has many great projects. Games have a special fascination for beginners. Here are 10 interesting open source games on GitHub today, many of which can be called classics. I am a post-90s generation.

GitHub Submission Code essential Guide!

If you're a PR writer 1. Keep your PR small It's an art form to keep Pull requests small. When writing code, you often feel the urge to rewrite, refactor, or format your code, but overall, it's better

This front frame is a brick moving tool

Based on the existing Element-UI library for secondary encapsulation, so as to simplify some tedious operations, the core concept is data-driven view, the main component library for table and form scenarios, while deriving more commonly used components of enterprises, to achieve high reuse, easy maintenance and expansion

Front End Weekly (Issue 45) - Jesus Loves You

The cover picture was taken on Sunday when I went to Fenghuang Mountain Park in Yuhang. There is a "Jesus loves you" stone at the gate of a church at the foot of the mountain. Although I am not a believer, it looks good. How front-end technology can break a team with r&d efficiency https://www.

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