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Microsoft to Win10 tailored to the efficiency of the magic device: PowerToys, with batch change file name and image size and other enhancements.

PowerToys, a productivity tool discovered on GitHub, was developed by a team at Microsoft. On GitHub marked star 44.2K, Win10 can be free to install a variety of enhanced new features, such as batch modification of file name and picture size, can be called the official "outside

Obtain the Windows password GitHub Hotspots v.21.28

Security has always been a hot topic at GitHub because of the various self-hosted services where data security issues have arisen. The two security-related items on this week's list are a little different. Mimikatz is an old project that many hackers use to extract information from memory

[Others] Personalize Git Settings for corporate projects

The company recently decided to move all of its projects to a Git repository, and we use Gogs (an open source solution). I signed up for my account on Gogs, and next I went to set up my SSH key. When I open the local file (previously I used Github, have generated SSH key, not please click here), I find the key at the end...

Github sand Sculpture project, 100 times not enough

This period of time everyone at home self-isolation, home office suffocate bad. In order to combat this boredom, I decided to take out my sand sculpture project that I have been saving on Github for years, so that people can pass the time when they are bored. Github, as the largest open source community on the Internet, has always been loved by programmers. There are not only many excellent open source projects, but also a lot of sand sculptures that break the ordinary people's view.

Open source Morning Reading weekly: Issue 2

Open source was originally an anti-establishment type of technical and social movement aimed at getting people to embrace free and open ideas and promoting the exchange of software. Most of the world's modern software has been rapidly developed based on open source software, which has changed the way people work.

GitHub Accelerator Guide advanced edition

What does this do? The most intuitive effect is that GitHub images load normally and the page is stable. The GitHub Hosts is used to change the host to speed up GitHub access and solve the problem that images cannot be loaded and the access speed is slow. Updated regularly, last updated at: 2021-03-29 18:16:31. Please refer to the latest version of the previous article.

IOS VR video development

In order to make you better read the Demo code, the following simple introduction to the relevant knowledge and implementation ideas. Step 0. Read the data frame by frame of VR video, and then render it on the sphere model through shader to obtain the visual lens taking point in the center of the sphere, accept the direction of head movement vector through gravity sensing, and update the mapping lens taking point of mobile phone. Step 1. First, you need to create a sphere. In the Op...

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