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Git Learning Notes

Git is a distributed version control system. Each developer stores a version repository locally and can control the version independently, regardless of the remote server. Even if the server goes down, everyone has all their history locally

Git learning Notes 6

Preface It is a little illogical to have to submit unfinished work once in note 5 to deal with urgent problems. Is there no other way? The answer is definitely yes, we learned in C language local variables are stored in the stack, in Git I

50 Git commands you Should Know

At work, our code management is done by Git, and the use of Git can also be said to be a necessary skill for our developers. Here are 50 git commands that I think are commonly used.

Git basis

Git features direct snapshot recording, not comparison of differences (major differences from other version control systems?). Ensure integrity. The mechanism Git uses to compute checksums is called sha-1 hashes. . This is a sixteen made up of forty

Use the git

Git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file: git add file

Git Commit (Conventional Commit)

This article introduces the Angular specification, which is currently the most widely used, reasonable, systematic, and equipped with tools. Commit Message Standard format Header Type (mandatory) scope (optional) SC

Git git

Git is an open source distributed version control system for efficient, high-speed version management of projects from small to large. But in the work, sometimes I forget the use of some commands, so I do the summary, so that I can view the command in the work.

Git branch management

A branch is a parallel universe in a science fiction movie, where you are trying to learn Git while you are trying to learn SVN in another parallel universe. If the two universes didn't interfere with each other, it wouldn't matter to you right now. What does branching do in practice? Let's say you're ready to develop a new feature, but it takes two weeks to complete. In the first week you write 50% of the code.

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