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GIS coordinate system mapping principle: geoid/datum/reference ellipsoid /EPSG/SRI/WKT

How does the geoid reference ellipsoid approach the earth surface step by step, and what are the differences of geocentric geodetic coordinate system and parameter-centered geodetic coordinate system caused by the difference between the center of the earth ellipsoid and the earth centroid? EPSG:4479 and EPSG:4480, Mercator projection and pseudo Mercator projection

Cesium is a solution for stalling when loading a large number of Label entities

The author contacted CesiumJS because of the company's project needs, directly learning while developing, two or three months have been quite smooth. As the volume of data grew and the number of entities on the map increased, the first screen would often lag when loading, the client's machine would perform poorly, and sometimes the browser would be unresponsive at the same time. The test classified the problem as a BUG that had to be fixed, which made my head go crazy. When I need...


This is the 16th day of my participation in the August Text Challenge. For example, control map size through buttons, add decoration on map map, etc. In Openlayer

Openlayers Offline Map (1)

This is the first day I participated in the August More Text Challenge, the activity details view: August more text Challenge Preface Based on the internal network restriction, so need to implement an offline version of the map. When it comes to offline maps, we should talk about online maps. Autonavi and Tencent maps can be seen in many software, like

Leaflets load tile maps with different projections

Since the vector data used in the project were unified as the Geodetic 2000 coordinate system (ESPG:4490), and the remote sensing image data adopted a variety of coordinate systems, a tile map solution of leaflets loading different projections was proposed according to the requirements

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