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The low-delay live streaming RTS capability of Ali Cloud has been upgraded to make the live-streaming effect better

Introduction: For the push stream delay and lag caused by the long time of THE TCP link existing in the anchor push stream using RTMP, the congestion control is completely dependent on the TCP transport layer, and the real-time bandwidth data cannot be provided to dynamically adjust the video coding bit rate. On the basis of the downstream UDP transformation, Aliyun real-time Streaming (RTS) products optimize the upstream UDP underlying WebRTC technology, and promote the whole industry through the release of mobile terminal, PC terminal RTS Streaming SDK plug-in...

New Flink 1.12 resource management features

Introduction: This section describes some features of Flink 1.12 resource management, including memory management, resource scheduling, and extended resource framework. This article is organized by Community volunteer Chen Zhengyu, shared by Apache Flink Committer and Alibaba technical expert Song Xindong, And Apache Flink Contributor and Alibaba senior development engineer Guo Yangze. It mainly introduces some features of Flink 1.12 resource management. The content is mainly divided into four parts: Memory management resource scheduling extension...

King blast knot camp! Real-time Computing Flink edition + Hologres, "real-time digital warehouse bootcamp" course content collection

In May, the real-time computing Flink version + Hologres set up the "Wang Fry combination" and jointly launched the "Real-time digital warehouse Bootcamp", which attracted the enthusiastic attention of the majority of developers and students. The full contents of the training camp are arranged at the end of the article

The only one in China, AliCloud has advanced into the "strong performer" quadrant of Forrester's data flow analysis report

Recently, authoritative consulting firm Forrester released the 2021 Q2 Global Data Flow Analysis Report. With its leading real-time computing products, developer friendliness and large-scale practices, AliCloud has advanced into the "strong performer" quadrant of the report, which has refresh the best performance of domestic companies in the data flow computing field.

The first batch of domestic! Aliyun real-time computing Flink version passed the ICT big data product capability test

On June 24, 2021, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as "China Telecommunications Academy") hosted the "2021 Big Data Industry Summit Results Press Conference" in Beijing. At the press conference, the results of the 12th batch of "Big Data Product Capacity Assessment" of China Telecommunications Academy were officially announced. AliCloud real-time computing Flink version was evaluated by distributed stream processing platform. To become the first batch of domestic manufacturers through the test. As we have learned, this special test is the new aptitude evaluation direction that the letter communication courtyard opens for the first time this year, only 2 produce...

Application of Bilibili's machine learning workflow platform based on Flink in Station B

The whole process of machine learning, from data reporting, to feature calculation, to model training, to online deployment, to final effect evaluation, is very long. At Station B, multiple teams will build their own machine learning links to fulfill their respective machine learning requirements, and engineering efficiency and data quality are difficult to be guaranteed. Therefore, we built a whole set of standard workflow platform for machine learning based on the AiFlow project of Flink community to accelerate machine learning...

FLINK Forward Global 2021 Issue solicitation ING!

Flink Forward Global Online Conference will open again on October 26-27, 2021! We are now soliciting topics for global users! If you have knowledge and experience about Flink's practice cases, deep technologies, community ecology, and Stateful Functions, you are welcome to post this topic and share your experience with developers around the world!

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