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Day 29: Write your first Google Chrome extension

In today's Learn 30 New Techniques in 30 Days, I decided to learn how to write a Chrome extension. After doing some searching, I found a Yeoman generator that could be used to write Chrome extensions. The extension we're going to write in this post is a plugin that can block social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. during work hours. This article will not cover the basics of Yeoman, you can read No....

EMQ X V4.3 is officially released: a multi-language extension with improved performance and better use

EMQ X, an MQTT messaging server that connects massive IoT devices, is developed based on the highly concurrency Erlang/OTP language platform and supports millions of connections and distributed cluster architecture. EMQ X is already widely used in the global IoT market and is free to use for product prototyping, IoT startups, or large-scale commercial deployments.

Explore PHPSpreadsheet cell setup

PHPSpreadsheet provides a rich API that allows you to set up lots of cell and document properties, including styles, images, dates, functions, etc. You can use it in any Excel spreadsheet you want.

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