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First exposure to the Express framework

Node_models/is the dependency we need created via NPM install. Introduce the Mongoose package in the bear.js file and define a string field type name for the bear module. Body-parser is a **HTTP request body parser middleware that parses JSON, Raw, text, etc.

Nine super useful ES6 features

As the name implies, the expansion operator used before an object or array (...) To expand a structure into a list. The remaining parameters add the remaining parameters to the sequence. The nature of JavaScript is that the number of parameters is flexible. There is usually a arguments variable to collect the arguments. Add (1, 2, 3, 4) will get the same result. As mentioned above... Remainin...

Node Express middleware service development

What is middleware? Middleware sounds a little spooky. The essence of middleware is function. Middleware functions that can be interpreted as inserting various functions during request processing. Every intermediate function can be very simple. Middleware services with many functions can be complex

Understand Express

The Node service will start, and the browser will return Hello Node if it visits, but there is no route yet, so you'll find that either or any other path will return the same result. So Node server framework expres...

Application of Nuxt and Node in actual production

Last week, Party A said that it would do a promotion activity on the app (in fact, let users receive OFO cycling vouchers). Considering that I have done client token verification on another app before, let's just roll up our sleeves and do it on the previous Node directly. React Next. It's really handy to do Vue server rendering on Nuxt.

Express + Request implementation - Tuff online crawling web page images

Wave up!! I quickly completed the first small script and successfully downloaded the images I needed, but it was just the simplest way to crawl the images. Later I optimized it and put each downloaded image into a different folder. But turn a thought, lele alone than lele, just want to put the script tool, do a crawler can be compatible with multiple sites, and can batch download the original picture, the idea was quickly put into practice, after not...

Introduction to Feathers

Feathers introduces Feathers: The Express-based Web application framework. It provides a series of tools to quickly create extensible REST APIs and real-time applications. The official documentation introduces an application architecture that is easier to understand, maintain, and extend than the traditional MVC architecture. Services are f...

Build Express+MongoDB background

Import expressnpm I Express. Import the mongodb database tool NPM I Mongoose to parse the information sent by the browser to the server, because the Express server cannot directly identify the information

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