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Js server setup (using Express)

After installing Node as shown above, you will be shown the version you installed. If no installation is available, go to the node website : and select an appropriate installation.

Express the API to summarize

Recently, I have learned Express. Here, I will briefly summarize it from app related API, Request related API, Response related API and Router related API. Express is a

Express + JWT user authentication minimum practice

. Wait, okay, who asked for their own food? There's nothing to complain about. One at a time. Just recently read some token to do identity authentication articles, found that most of them are said token login how how good, anyway, there are few serious really achieve... Just in time, in accordance with the principle that I am a little white and I am afraid of who, continue to share express + JWT pit filling experience. Why do...

2018 for the front end of the interview: through fine alignment (fine) | the nuggets technical essay

At the end of the year, the RESEARCH and development team was disbanded and unemployed, chose to go back to learn to drive, and successfully got the driver's license. Recently, I returned to Shenzhen and began to set foot on the long road to find a job. Deadline for questions (March 23, 2018). I went to meet the entrepreneurs, both medium and large. This kind of question is different, and my answer is generally like this.. So I'm going to stroke -- let's do an example, just create a new HTML,.ha...

Cookie, Session, and MD5 encryption

HTTP stateless protocol, can only be obtained in the same website (including multiple pages), stored in the client local information, to help us store information to get information. But there is also a risk: Cookies can be manipulated or set by ourselves in the browser.

My year and a half with Node.js

I've been hooked since I first encountered Node.js and its associated Stack (MEAN) at a Yelp hackathon in 2016. The initial impression was that this web app development is fast, one minute to configure the port, set up the server, and run Hello World Node.js. My first NodeJS app was chat room +...

React Technology Stack + Express Front-end and back-end blog project (9) -- Post function on the front-end management interface + corresponding back-end interface

This blog for serial code blog synchronous update blog, with the future development of the project may encounter in front of the inappropriate place will be revised back. If there is anything wrong ~ welcome brothers don't add to your comments. Thank you very much! The back end is more general. For routing design and model, you can view the source code for yourself. Since it is defined as a technical blog, we only support md syntax here. Using remark-react will...

Node.js backend development based on Express + MySql

Ignore represents the part to be ignored, that is, the project will not restart if this part of the file changes, whereas code other than ignore will restart the project if it changes. In practice, we often deal with some sensitive data information, such as database connection user name and password, secret of third-party SDK, etc. Configuration information for these parameters is best kept out of git repositories. Way...

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