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Think like an APP Designer (2)

When designing mobile apps, you can't just look at your phone. If you are targeting the global mobile market, you must use at least Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices, and get used to them constantly, fully understanding the different usage scenarios of each platform.

The new Oxygen APP was removed from the APP Store due to trademark loopholes to see how much the trademark value is

Recently, the main APP of New Oxygen was actually removed from the Apple APP Store due to the lack of class 9 trademark right. Only two "small packages" of "New Oxygen Micro Plastic" and "New Oxygen Youth Edition" exist in the Apple Store. The vast majority of New Oxygen users can no longer update the APP due to the removal of the main package. Throughout many trademark loopholes in the past, almost all ended in passive failure, and as a medical beauty O2O enterprise...

A striver's guide to productivity

Our company Yin Ming wrote about entrepreneurs how to improve efficiency of the article, rational use of Trello, the evening in advance to book tomorrow's work, avoid being disturbed when working, of course, the most important is "quit those stupid wechat group", have you got the feeling of an arrow in the knee?

Talk about business

From university to now, I have participated in two types of entrepreneurship: those lacking in money and those lacking in people. Although there is a strong causal relationship between the above two types, the causal relationship is not strong in the case of entrepreneurship with angel capital, that is, with a certain range of capital. In fact, there is a third category, lack of ideas, I touch

Atlassian's untold Story (Part 1) : Two young Australians built a $3 billion company and headed straight for a U.S. IPO

Atlassian's top 25 employees were all classmates or friends before they joined the company. The founders, co-ceos and fellow college students, started their business to avoid job hunting. Made $1 million in the first year. The company's five core values are great, especially the one "Build everything with Heart and balance".

Ma Chunquan, founder and CEO of Yikuai: A reformist who is good at self-blackness, entrepreneurship is to run forward with the unknown

In 2003, Ma Chunquan, who graduated from Peking University, did not choose to go abroad or enter famous enterprises, but joined a new company co-founded by several senior students of Peking University. The reason was just like some professionals with technical background but no desire for Coding: "I hope to challenge more complicated affairs and develop comprehensive ability." As he expected, after quickly familiarizing himself with the company's business, Ma Chunquan was sent to northeast China as a project leader...

Entrepreneurial Notes no. 10 - The same things

This is an era where everything is changing at a high speed. Blockchain, ARTIFICIAL intelligence, user sinking, short video, new retail,... Ideas keep coming. Everyone is predicting the future, voicing their opinions on the world's impending upheavals, and we're swinging back and forth in this protracted tuyere. "The future has come", "subversion and innovation" and "a brief history of the future" are always in our ears. ...

How does "Silicon Valley" recreate "Silicon Valley"?

Silicon Valley has long been a mecca for entrepreneurs and tech workers. But what's the story behind all this glamour? Silicon Valley is a half-hour sitcom launched by US television network HBO in 2014 that follows the ups and downs of a group of programmers who start a business in Silicon Valley. The play satirizes the sentient beings in the silicon Valley entrepreneurship circle with a kind of exaggerated and sharp humor. The industry leaders and technology giants are innocent, making people laugh. This detailed interview with the people behind Silicon Valley is packed with anecdotes that are worth reading. Whether the real Silicon Valley led to the birth of Silicon Valley, or the fictional Silicon Valley led to the transformation of Silicon Valley, I believe you will have an answer after watching.

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