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Analyze the implementation principle of the DatePicker component calendar panel in ElementUI

The core idea of The Challenge is to get the position of the first day of the month displayed on the calendar panel: firstly, get the day of the week of the first day of the month, as shown in the picture above. Suppose the calendar displays the rule that Sunday is in the first place and Saturday is last

Add stabilization to el-Button in Element-UI

When I click ok or save, if the request time is too long or I double click it quickly, there will be multiple requests, causing unexpected results. At first, I also tried the loading property of my own, and then in submitFor

Use of the ElScrollBar component in element-UI

When I looked through the document on the official website of element-ui, I found that the scrollbar style was relatively small when the content on the left navigation and the content on the right exceeded the screen. When I checked it with the browser review tool, I found that it used the style of el-scrollbar, similar to element-u

React In-depth series 1: Elements, components, instances, and nodes in React

React elements, components, instances, and nodes are closely related concepts in React. They are also easily confused by React beginners. Now, the veteran cadres will introduce these four concepts in detail, as well as the connection and difference between them, to satisfy the curiosity of the students who like to chew the truth and ask questions (veteran cadres are one of them). The React element is essentially a...

Java collection entry and in-depth study, see this is about the same

3. The data structure of Collection is for elements; The Map data structure is key-specific. If there is a generic type, the type of the parameter is automatically promoted to Object when it is not used. If it is retrieved, it needs to be forcefully cast down, resulting in a ClassCaseException. You cannot add elements to compile-deadline oriented collections without generics...

Dynamic implementation of ElementUI Different user el-form input box EL-input check items are different

On the input box check this problem, in fact, is a platitude. There are a number of toolkits available, but if we use the Ele. me UI, we can also use the simple validation in El-Form. In general, if you're using elementUI, you're probably doing a back end management system, and when it comes to back end management systems, you're talking about permissions. That is, different users see and can operate differently. Background management department...

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