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Solve the click-lab option problem for the Cascader component of elementUi

Because the product does not want the front of the single box, but also to achieve click on the lable can be selected effect to see n more schemes in front of the single box do not know how to hide, but click on the Lable can be selected effect is still very simple. How it works: The elementUI component's change event is

The best solution you never imagined - Element-UI native pit

"This article has participated in the good article call order activity, click to see: back end, big front end double track submission, 20,000 yuan prize pool for you to challenge!" Today, one of our team members encountered the BUG of Vue + Element. It is not difficult for you to find that many of the components we use have bugs

Toggle the public components of the elementUI theme

1. After switching the skin, the login page will display different background pictures, font colors, and the background color of the selected state. 2. The introduced elementUI component is also switched to the corresponding theme color. 3. Through the VUEX state manager, store the currently selected topic properties (packages)

Solve element table width and height adaptive

The following is the layout: First of all, container is a container with a height. The specific setting needs to be combined with the actual requirements of the layout. In most cases, you can use Flex :1 to set it. Similarly, set container to display:flex,.ta

Look at the front-end UI library design from the Element UI source building process

Due to business needs, recently the team will build a set of UI component library of its own, and the framework is still Vue. There are already some mature UI libraries in the industry, such as ElementUI, AntDesign, Vant, etc. With the framework Vue, we chose to build on ElementUI. But building a wheel is not easy. First of all, you need to understand the entire construction process, catalog...

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