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Docker builds a unified front-end development environment

At that time, there were only two front-end team members and no packaging tools were used. We reconstructed the front-end development process, introduced VUE as the basic development framework, and used FIS3 as the project packaging. Due to the rapid iteration of the project and the increase of public libraries, we introduced WebPack. Cooperate with NPM to split the basic library for convenient maintenance and management. It also brought a new...

Learning how to deploy code from scratch

Think of their time in the company, are basically write business, do front-end related work, but for other aspects is dabbled in less, or basic no. Again, when I was in the interview, the interviewer would ask some off-stack questions, such as how your company's code was released and deployed. At this time, I was completely confused. This made me want to know how to deploy code, and here's how to do it, for the record. Cloud service...

Docker scripted one-click deployment

Install kubernetes, need to install kubelet, kubeadm package, but k8s website to yum source is, access to domestic no, at this time we can use ali cloud yum warehouse mirror. Ali Cloud is not attached with Help description connection, simple fumble, the following Settings are available (cen...

Docker profile

Docker is an open platform for developing, delivering, and running applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly.

Front-end Docker introduction and practice

The content of this paper is relatively shallow, and Docker does not involve the content of distribution and cluster, so this paper recommends front-end students to have a look, but back-end students do not recommend. All the commands in this article are for Ubuntu16.04, so be aware when copying and pasting. (This article has some rereaders ?, interested in Docker can directly see the following resources) Docker virtual...

Create a Docker image by committing

There are two ways to create an image: as a Dockerfile OR as a commit. This article describes how to create an image using the COMMIT method and describes the docke command used in the process.

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