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How to borrow Ali Cloud to build foreign mirror image

Build Kubespray recently, in the use of Kubernetes and docker will appear some mirror can not pull or slower, k8s. GCR. IO mirror more outrageous, science cannot pull, online sell similar to the following error message. Online also found a lot of mirror source, many are invalid, Azure China mirror has failed, university of Science and Technology of China is not very stable...

How to install mysql 8.0 under Docker

Install docker, share ? before, this article mainly introduces the docker mysql under 8.0.20 installation configuration method by tutorial ~

Docker Swarm + Portainer + Traefik build application environment

Build a set of application system that can scale quickly based on Docker swarm. Our system is not a microservice architecture. Considering that microservices need to face too many challenges (distributed transactions, etc.), we are just multiple individual services with few calls between services. The load balancing between services is realized by Docker service. Visual management cluster, unified gateway output API, log system...

Docker learning

Continuous Integration (CI): Continuous Integration; CD(Continuous Deployment): Continuous delivery and Deployment DevOps: (D

Which container image should I use - Distroless or Alpine?

Today, using containers for development and deployment is very common. While containers bring a lot of value, they also bring some challenges. For example, larger mirrors mean increased build time, but also increased overhead. The more libraries a mirror contains, the more templates a vulnerability scanning tool needs to scan

76% have bugs? ! Docker image security scan should do this

Lin Weihao, SecDevOpsor, engaged in data network, network security and game operation and maintenance at China Telecom and netease Games successively. He has done a lot of research on Linux operation and maintenance, virtualization and network security protection, and currently focuses on network security automatic detection and defense system construction. In the previous article "From its own vulnerabilities and architecture defects, On Docker security Construction", we introduced Docker storage...

Docker one minute to deploy standalone mysql

Container started successfully, mapping port 32771, try connecting on Navicat. The client does not support the authentication protocol required by the server. In version 8.0, the default authentication plug-in caching_sha2_password is replaced by mysQL_native_password, which may cause client compatibility problems.

A cup of tea time, hands on Docker

Work hard and fall asleep as if there were no connection between work and dreaming. Writing code and then deploying the application can seem like two worlds apart. But is it? This article will open Up Docker by way of Inception and let you make a substantial transition from "dreaming" to "building dreams". In the original "dream" phase (manual configuration and deployment), everything was random...

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