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Bind the domain name to Hexo's blog

A few days ago, I used hexo to set up a static blog on GitHub in my spare time. Since it is a personal blog, of course, I will use my own domain name. First you have to build a blog like xxx. github. IO, [Hexo tutorial]. After your blog can be visited, go to Ali cloud, Tencent cloud and other websites to register a domain name. After the domain name is approved, the ones related to me will come...

Technical description of live video: push stream scheduling of live video

First of all, live streaming means that the host "pushes" out the video data collected and encoded by his or her local client. Streaming involves two issues: where does the video go and where does the viewer pull the stream to the playback end. The host pushes the stream to the live broadcast receiving server, which is responsible for distributing the stream to a higher transmission layer to push the video stream to the global audience. Live streaming server is the video stream from the client...

Dnsmasq: Configure DNS and DHCP

** Note: ** DNS does not allow any interruption because it relates to almost all services on the Intranet cluster. You must configure active and standby DNS at the same time to prevent service interruption. If Ubuntu 18.04 comes with systemd-resolve, you need to disable it because it is bound to port 53, which will be associated with Dnsmasq...

Unknown network programming (9) : Theory and practice, comprehensive in-depth understanding of DNS

For DNS(Domain Name System) we are certainly no stranger, is not used to convert the Domain Name of a website into the corresponding IP. When we find that we can access QQ but cannot browse the web, we think that maybe the DNS server is down; We learn about the weakness of DNS when we visit a "nonexistent" web page using the hosts file provided by someone else

Prefetch & preconnect- The priority of DNS

If you want the browser to perform DNS resolution before you access a domain name, you can use both preconnect and prefetch- DNS, which will save time on critical render paths. This paper mainly analyzes the difference between the two, the conclusion can not be summarized in a sentence.

Learn more about DDOS and maybe your website can be more secure!

Before talking about defense, a brief introduction of all kinds of attacks, because DDOS is a kind of attack rather than a kind of attack, and DDOS defense is a relatively automatic but not absolutely automatic process, many evolving attack modes automation may not be able to identify, or need to further expert naked eye judgment. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

It's 9012. I hear you don't know anything about caching?

Modern phones cache your resources anytime, anywhere, but to clear the cache, you don't have to force a refresh like a PC, you have to manually clean the browser cache, and sometimes even restart it... First search the browser's own DNS cache, if present, domain name resolution is complete. If the browser does not find the corresponding entry in its own cache, it will try to read the operating system's hosts file to see if it exists...

HTTPDNS Quick start

For the Internet, domain name resolution is the first step of access, and this step will often lead to slow access, failure, and even unable to access, so how to solve these problems, how to avoid LocalDNS exceptions caused by users to access your business abnormal situation, this article will take you

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