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Django Model Description: Field options

The most important and only necessary part of the model is the database's field definition, which is defined in class attributes. When defining field names, care should be taken to avoid using names that conflict with the model API

Django REST Framework login JWT

The DRF account system is Django admin login system, which needs to be combined with the admin form to use, so today we will talk about the IMPLEMENTATION of JWT based on DRF

(Updated April 18, 2021) Network Security NTFS security permissions

4.1 Cancel permission inheritance function: After cancel, you can modify the permission list at will. Method: right folder properties - security - advanced - remove the first check - select copy 4. Set up the JIMI folder and set the NTFS permission. User A can only read the files in the folder and cannot create new files in the JIMI folder. User B can only create new files in the JIMI folder.

Django static and dynamic routing

1, include routing distribution 1.1 create a new in the app 1.2 change the original project in the project 2, the url name and reverse resolution is the same as the as set an alias...

Django Model class-manager

The 'Manager' is an interface that gives the Django model the ability to manipulate the database. Every model in a Django application has at least one 'Manager'.

Procedural Ape Survival Guide -0 wedges

Many years ago, my dream was to be secretary general of the United Nations, with the power to control all mankind. Later, I gave up the idea because I didn't learn English well and realized that the SECRETARY-GENERAL of the United Nations really had no real power and was very demanding. Many years ago, my dream was to be a lawyer. Every day, I wore a suit and tie. I walked with a sound gait and spoke eloquently. But in the end, because of his poor Mandarin and high moral level, he put...

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