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Service Registration and discovery - CP or AP?

An overview of why to use service discovery suppose you are writing some code that will invoke a service with a RESTAPI. In order to make the request, your code needs to know the network location (IP address and port) of the service instance. In traditional applications running on physical hardware, services are real

Very wow ES read scene, write scene performance optimization guide! You deserve it!

As a very important member of NoSQL database, ES is used more and more widely. Although it has some defects in data timeliness due to index delay, its excellent design of large capacity and distributed makes it play a great role in real-time search field where timeliness is not particularly required

Java8 Stream: 20,000-word 20 instances, play with collection filtering, reduction, grouping, aggregation

Point wave attention is not lost, a key three even good luck! First, paste a few cases, students with excellent skills can challenge: select employees with salary over 8000 from the set of employees, and place them in a new set. Collect the highest salary, average salary and sum of salary of employees. Pay employees by salary

Dubo-admin officially supports 3.0 service governance

Dubbo is a microservices development framework that provides two key capabilities: RPC communication and microservices governance. We use the RPC communication capability provided by Dubbo more in daily development, but the service provided by Dubbo is governed

Finally understand, pessimistic lock, optimistic lock, distributed in what scenario are used? What are the techniques? It's not easy!

How to ensure that a method, or a piece of code, can only be executed by one thread at a time in the case of high concurrency, and that individual applications can be controlled by the API related to concurrent processing, but when individual application architectures evolve into distributed microservices architectures, instances deployed across processes cannot obviously pass through the application layer

Ali architect lecture interview: RPC call principle

Author introduction writing is not easy, feel good students easily point a thumbs-up, transparent knowledge let more need to see friends! RPC calls call remote functions as if they were local functions. In remote calls, the method body we need to execute is on a remote machine, that is, M

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