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DevSecOps: An open source story

Recent supply chain breaches, coupled with President Biden's new cybersecurity executive order, have brought renewed attention to the value of DevSecOps to businesses. DevSecOps brings cultural change, frameworks, and tools to open source software (OSS). To understand DevSecOps, you have to

Sadmin: Build a private Django public library for code reuse

We use Django to develop a number of internal management systems, such as Probius, Kerrigan, Proxy, etc. These systems look the same, but the actual implementation of the function is very different. Why do these different systems look the same

[DevOps] Continuous integration solution for microservices

Continuous integration (CI) is a software development practice that helps team members integrate work frequently. Each integration uses automated build/test implementation to package and test, quickly verifying problems. Continuous integration can effectively reduce the errors encountered in the integration and improve the efficiency of software development.

Git tutorial - Git commands and operations

Learning Git is as easy as using the tool. The purpose of this Git tutorial is to get this conundrum out of your head. I'm sure you'll understand all the concepts through this Git tutorial. I hope you've learned the basic concepts and terminology of Git, and learned all about version control in my first blog post in the Git tutorial series. And some make...

Jenkins automatic deployment

In advance to ensure that the server is the Java environment with Maven and Git installed Jenkins here is here is Jenkins Jenkins of the document

DevOps for software engineering methods

We see the term DevOps a lot, but what exactly is DevOps? DevOps is a software development methodology. It involves continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring throughout the software development lifecycle. Almost all of the current

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