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How to publish Java applications to ECS quickly

Overview: Jenkins has long been the first choice for smes to build CICD processes due to its open source features and rich plug-in capabilities. However, Jenkins has disadvantages such as high maintenance cost and complex configuration, and cloud efficiency Flow solves these problems well. In this paper,

Beginner's Guide to "Super Architect" DevOps

DevOps is a mix of development and operations that combines people from a distributed stack, tools for creating efficient applications, and development processes to speed the delivery of high-quality products.

The top 25 DevOps Tools of 2021 (Part 1)

DevOps is changing the face of software development around the world. DevOps is effectively improving the speed to market, marketability, innovation, and product quality of software companies around the world in one way or another. 2021 is a big year for DevOps.

2021 China digital services | ali cloud hybrid cloud evolution of a new generation of operations and practices

On December 3rd, 2021 China Digital Services Conference was successfully held. With the theme of "Digital Services, Cross-border Integration and Collaborative Innovation", the conference invited guests from the industry, university and research circles to hold industrial and academic forums to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital services. Ali Cloud was invited to attend the conference as the representative of cloud manufacturers, and held the conference on 20

Function computing GB image second boot: Reveal the next generation of software and hardware architecture co-optimization

Summary: This article introduces the use of functions to calculate the next generation of IaaS base Dragon bare metal and safety containers, further reducing the absolute delay and can significantly reduce the frequency of cold start. Author: Retracer Background function computation in August 2020 innovatively provides function deployers for container images

Docker packages local Web projects and publishes them to the server

The first part is the basic introduction of Docker, explaining the basic usage of Docker for reference. The second part is the hands-on part, which describes the process of packaging local Web projects and publishing them to the server side. After reading this article, you can understand the process of front-end automation publishing.

Kubernetes has become the Android of the cloud native Age. Is that enough?

Introduction: This article will introduce how to build a new application management platform on Kubernetes. It provides a layer of abstraction to encapsulate the underlying logic, and only presents the interfaces that users care about. Users can only focus on their own business logic, and manage applications faster and safer. Author: Situ fang guide language: cloud original

What if the Internet is bad? TLS handshake bandwidth dropped by 80%. | dragon lizards technology

Introduction: To ensure data security, the client and the server conduct the TLS handshake first. What can be done to reduce the bandwidth consumption of the TLS handshake? Editor's note: BabaSSL is an open source password library product, open source on GitHub and dragon lizard community, and added

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