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Call the chain tracking system in companion fish: Theory

TL; In this paper, DR summarized the design dimensions of call chain tracing system into the following five dimensions: call chain data model, metadata structure, causality, sampling strategy and data visualization. We can use these five dimensions as an analytical framework to help us theoretically deconstruct any call chain on the market

APPx came, founding members hot recruitment, a big wave of welfare you want!

There are still 3 days left, you have been looking forward to the double 11 shopping carnival will come! I heard that in this festival that hundreds of millions of people love and hate, Elysium technology is going to do! Thing to do! Feeling! That's right, APPx applets will be available on November 11th!! I heard there are a lot of benefits oh, xiaobian here to take you to see. APPx is a small program generation tool independently developed by Gele Technology. Users use the APP...

Actual combat: a core system of 30,000 lines of code reconstruction tour

In the beginning, the refactoring I did was all about the details. As the code gets simpler, I find myself seeing aspects of design that I wouldn't have understood before, and that I wouldn't have been able to reach without refactoring. Refactoring is really exciting for programmers. Earlier this year, our team completed a complex refactoring of the advertising system's core engine.

C + + signal channel

Simply put, the signal slot is an implementation, or a distillation, of the observer mode. A signal is an event that can be observed, or at least a notification that the event has occurred; A slot is an observer, usually a function that is called when the object being observed changes -- so to speak, when a signal is emitted. You can connect the signal to the slot, creating a kind of watch-watched...

Design a product that you won't use

When I tell my friends that my job is to design a product that features sports news, they often say, "Do you know anything about sports?" . In response, I often watch games on TV and know some basic sports knowledge, but I am definitely not a sports fan, far from it. I must admit, I had some thoughts when I started working for MinuteMedia, the parent company of 90min and 12Up. After all, I'm a former ballerina myself, so designing a product for sports enthusiasts sounds like the right time, right? And so it is.

[Dezuo Technology] The exploration and construction of dezuo App distribution platform

As the company grew rapidly, so did the team size, and the efficient distribution of test packages became a pain point. In order to solve this pain point, improve the overall iteration efficiency of the team, and implement the key words of "efficiency" of the technology department, we set up the project of building dewu App distribution platform.

Something about serialization

1. What is the use of Parcelable and Serializable and what is the difference between them? 2. What is the general process for customizing a class to implement Parcelable? Example:

To do mobile APP/web design, you need to do these things

Editor's note: As a field matures, there are things like "routines," which are the rules that users and designers/developers develop in a gradual process. When designing mobile devices, there are some basic things to do well before considering differentiation. Today we are going to talk about this

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