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Implementation principle of addEventListener

1. Create a Listeners object where each property represents a listener type. 2. The Type attribute of the Listeners object is an array of listener events. Step 3. The 122 has been put to monitor events binding ok, now, was triggered. Write a trigger function, pass in the event type, look for the event to listen on and execute it. Although the above code looks much more complicated...

Design Pattern in Java (iv) : Proxy pattern

Some time ago, my wife took a fancy to a belt of unknown brand. She searched the domestic stores and found that none of them had any goods. So she went to ask her little sister who was a purchasing agent to make this kind of belt. Looking at her this one operation, let me not think of the design model of the "middleman" - the agent model

Using a combination of design patterns | chasing girls want to use the remote agent mode

The last article covered a design pattern that uses combinations: the decorator pattern. It reuses types by inheritance and behavior by composition, ultimately extending the functionality of classes. The proxy pattern in this article also uses a composite implementation approach. It is very similar to the decorator pattern, and it is interesting to compare the subtle differences between them. An agent is an object that does something for you. Why delegate it to do it for you? Because it's too complicated to do...

Design patterns - No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

This paper describes the application scenarios of decorator mode and the benefits it brings to us by giving three examples of dynamically adding function, data reporting and dynamically adding parameter to duck function. The decorator pattern makes objects more stable and easier to reuse. Unstable features, on the other hand, can be dynamically customized

Design pattern - Decorator pattern

Design patterns permeate every corner of our code. For example, the Observer pattern is implemented by Swing's ActionsListener class, which was used for the first window application we did when We first started JAVA. Many of the classes in the java. IO package that we use for file manipulation are designed by the decorator pattern. Anyone who has studied the Spring source code in depth will have this feeling: Sp...

Spring container IOC initialization process - finally concludes today

As a back-end programmer who often uses Spring, Xiaobian has long wanted to thoroughly understand the whole Spring framework! But it is very large overall, all the inheritance diagram is very complex, plus xiaobian practice is still shallow, appears to be powerless. However, today, let's start from the initialization of Spring IOC container. Even if we can't complete the complete master of the whole Spring framework...

It's 2021. Have you learned dynamic proxy

What is agency? An agent is an intermediary, if there is a university, recruiting students from all over the world. But the student pool is so wide that it can only be entrusted to recruitment agents to help the university recruit students. The intermediary is the school's agent, the intermediary completes the enrollment function instead of the university. This agent has the following characteristics:

Create a set of iOS advanced interview questions

There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers, and a thousand advanced iOS interview questions in the eyes of a thousand iOS programmers. Here are some of the questions I think you can use to interview a senior iOS programmer. The topic of this set of questions has nothing to do with the company and business, and also does not represent the author himself can answer these questions very well, the author just will feel a part of the better questions from the collection of interviews...

Introduction to Super complete Design Patterns (45 kinds)

There are 23 design patterns. These Patterns fall into three main categories: Creational Patterns - These design Patterns provide a way to create objects while hiding the creation logic, rather than directly instantiating objects using the new operator. This gives programs more flexibility in determining which objects need to be created for a given instance. Structural mode...

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