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Deno 2020 Official Review and 2021 Outlook

With API stabilization, several large infrastructure reconstructions, and a number of high-profile feature openings, Deno 1.0 was released. In 2020, Deno faces many challenges and changes. Please fill out this Deno questionnaire and come to us

Deno study of the art :(1) Hello, from the diversification of installation to simple actual combat

Two years after Deno opened its source, the much-anticipated Deno V1 officially debuted today. Maybe you've already heard of Deno, maybe you've already used Deno's last star project, Node.js, extensively in your projects, or maybe you're just starting out today... In short, now get on the bus, behind the industry is the accumulation of many years of Web App development experience...

Full map of Awesome Deno Chinese resources

What is the ecology of a completely new technology? In the curiosity and combing process of Deno, based on the existing English list of Awesome Deno, a list of Deno resources focusing on Chinese technology circle is coming soon. . Another category not mentioned above is the document class. This includes open e-books, open blogs, open lists...

Deno has been released, once and for all, to understand the difference between Node and Deno

When I say this, are many front-end and NodeJS engineers already unable to hold their 40m knives? In my heart, I not only feel that the front end is really capable of building wheels, but also have node not enough, haven't learned node and made deno, what is the difference between node and deno? ! Indeed, deno and Node are similar in morphology.

20 minutes to get started with deno

No matter how the outside is blowing, or how deprecating, in short, is the mule is the horse out of the walk, understand before you have the right to speak. Let's get started on deno in 20 minutes! DENO_DIR, which defaults to $HOME/. Deno, is the path where deno stores generated code and cached source code. Deno.cwd() represents the current directory, D...

Why do I think Deno is a JavaScript runtime going in the wrong direction?

In the "Deno study of the art" to introduce the first translation article, saw this article, at that time also feel unable to control, focus on the first to write a number of entry-level Deno article. In 2021, with the first issue of Deno Biweekly continuing to start the New Year of Deno, I thought back to this article and thought that after reading this article and related issues well...

Deno + Oak builds cool Todo APIS

I'm a JavaScript/Node developer who quietly loves, and even loves, Deno. I was fascinated by Deno from the very beginning, and I've been a huge fan ever since, looking forward to playing it. This article focuses on creating a Todo application based on REST API design. Please remember that in this article...

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