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How to select the evaluation index of classification model

The author | MUSKAN097 compile | source of vitamin k | AnalyticsVidhya profile, you have successfully build the classification model. What do you do now? How do you evaluate the performance of the model, how well the model does at predicting the outcome. To answer these questions, let's go through

Image denoising using autoencoder

In deep learning, autoencoder is a very useful unsupervised learning model. Autoencoder is composed of encoder and decoder. The former encoder encodes the original representation into the hidden representation, while the latter decoder decodes the hidden representation into the original representation. The training objective is to minimize reconstruction error. Autoencoder is just an idea, in concrete implementation, enco...

Detailed explanation of ftP-RCNN algorithm in KerAS version (1.RPN calculation)

After learning Udacity's machine learning and deep learning courses a few days ago, I felt that I had just touched the threshold of deep learning. So I started to read Stanford's CS231N (the latest release of portal CS321N spring 2017 class), and accidentally fell into the pit of computer vision. In addition to recognizing objects, it was also possible to localization and object detection

Scallop: Deep knowledge tracking using TensorFlow

Scallop, a mobile English learning platform with more than 80 million users, has been exploring how to use data to provide more accurate personalized education. A more rapid and scientific assessment of users' vocabulary level can not only effectively improve users' learning efficiency, but also help us develop more personalized learning content for each user. We use Ten...

Experts | how to become an artificial intelligence across areas engineer?

I hope we can understand some programming ideas and models of AI and help sort out the path of self-growth. Combing the overall knowledge system of artificial intelligence. I hope we can understand some programming ideas and models of AI and help sort out the path of self-growth. At present, the research fields of deep learning mainly include the following three groups. Scholars. I mainly do theoretical research on deep learning, studying how to design a "network model", how to...

Xie Lingxi, senior researcher at Huawei: Where will the next generation of AI go? Pangu Grand Model exploration tour

Abstract: In order to have a deeper understanding of the Pangu Model with 100 billion parameters, Huawei Cloud community interviewed Xie Lingxi, senior researcher of Huawei Cloud EI Pangu team. In a very popular way, Dr. Xie described the "past life" of pangu grand model development and the difficult past events behind it.

How to use MTCNN and FaceNet models to realize face detection and recognition

Face detection is the first step of face recognition and processing, mainly used to detect and locate the face in the picture, return high-precision face frame coordinates and face feature point coordinates. Face recognition will further extract the identity features contained in each face, and compare it with the known face, so as to identify the identity of each face. At present, the application scene of face detection/recognition gradually evolved from indoor to outdoor, from a single limited scene...

CAM(class activation mapping), convolution visualization, neural network visualization, one library, really simple couldn't be simpler

Preface 18 years, when I just entered, I wrote such an article, want to see the previous one click here now there are many friends are reading, but I think it is not comprehensive enough. I recently found a better way to do it, and I'm going to share it with you today.

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