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Example teaching: Data visualization using D3.js

In my opinion, the three most important JavaScript libraries every Web developer should learn are jQuery, Underscore, and D3. As you learn them, you'll start thinking about how to write code in new ways: jQuery lets you manipulate the DOM as much as possible with as little code as possible; Underscore (or lodash) uses functional tools to change the way you write programs; D3 gives you a lot of tools to manipulate data, and the idea of graphical programming. If you are not familiar with D3, please take some time to look at its examples and get a taste of what D3 can do.

Data analysis and visualization based on campus CARD and WIFI usage records

Data used in this project include: one-card consumption data, campus wifi data and meteorological data of Minhang District of Shanghai. Specifically, it includes: merchant information: a total of 134 observations, including 32 merchant systems and 85 sub-merchants; User information: a total of 30861 observations, including 30861 one-card accounts, 30812 student numbers, that is, 49 students have two one-card accounts...

AntV S2: Out of the box multidimensional cross-analysis table

S2 is the data table visualization engine launched by AntV team of Ant Experience Technology Department, which aims to provide high-performance, easy to expand, beautiful and easy to use multidimensional tables. Not only has the rich analysis table form, but also built-in rich interaction ability, to help users better look at the number and make decisions.

How to build big data table components based on AntV S2

This paper records how the Ant Data intelligent front end team realized the React big data table component with many functions based on the open source Canvas table rendering library AntV S2 when the open source software was not enough to meet the needs and the commercial software was expensive and difficult to customize.

Visualization pays well? Just a few pie charts, bar charts, line charts

Front-end early chat conference, a new starting point for front-end growth, jointly held with the Nuggets. Add wechat Codingdreamer into the conference exclusive push group, win at the new starting line. The theme of this conference is "Front-end Visualization". The time is 2020.7.18 09:40 ~ 19:00. The address of live video will be notified through wechat group. Conference online video live + wechat group text straight...

AntV X6 source brief analysis

This paper aims to briefly analyze x6 source code to map editing field of some of the underlying engines for a general understanding, but also for the team needs to build based on X6 editing engine map editor to provide some side understanding, in the encounter problems can quickly find the problem point

Paralympic Games underway! Take a look back at China's 42 years of Winter Olympics and witness a frozen adventure

How much do you know about China's "frozen" Winter Olympics? This article reviews the course of The Chinese delegation in the Winter Olympic Games. Based on open source and public data, we used Tableau, a data visualization analysis tool, to explore the data related to the Winter Olympics in China.

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