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Anything that can be implemented in CSS will be implemented in CSS

Any application that can be written in JavaScript will be written in JavaScript. -- Atwood's Law Anything that can be done with CSS will be done with CSS. The author's law depends on students' own habits of use. However, with good CSS, you can still improve a lot of development efficiency, at least to replace many JavaScript scenarios, reduce JavaScript code. JavaScript mentioned several...

Fifty sound small game in the front end knowledge

In the early stage of learning Japanese, I found it not easy to memorize fifty tones of Japanese, especially Katakana. Then I thought, what if there was an app that could make the most of all that time? I could practice fifty notes on my lunch break or on the subway. So search the App Store, there are a lot of small software of 50 sound learning, but the Store software is not containing internal purchase, with advertising, is often more than 40M, did not find a satisfactory should...

To summarize my shortcomings in HTML and CSS

List the knowledge points, either large (e.g., HTML/CSS) or small (e.g., HTML5 Canvas, CSS Layout). Score your mastery of each item regularly (once a month or twice a month). Finally, calculate the total score and compare it with the theoretical score to find out your true level.

How is the final keyword used in Java?

Final variables can only be assigned once. There are three ways to assign values: 1) direct assignment when declaring a variable; 2) Non-static member variables are assigned in {} blocks; static member variables are assigned in static{} blocks; 3) Non-static member variables are assigned in the constructor. Final classes cannot be inherited, so there are no subclasses. A method ina final class is final with or without a final modification. The following defines a simple F...

CSS to achieve the Chrome TAB bar tips

This time, look at a layout with a special rounded navigation bar, like the Google browser's TAB bar: How does such a layout work? Pseudo-element splicing Suppose you have an HTML structure {code... } The first way to consider is to use two pseudo-elements to join the middle of the fillet is easy, how to achieve the left and right sides of the reverse fillet? If you think about what you can do to make a circle, you can think of border-rad...

Front-end interviews 3+1 daily -- Day 825

Today's point (2021.07.19) -- Day 825 [HTML] Use HTML5 to customize a checkbox [CSS] Use CSS3 to draw a cactus [JS] Write a method to find the missing number in an unsorted array from 1 to 1000 [Soft Skilled] Do you think you should learn to be "lazy" at work? In The Analects of Confucius, Confucius Zeng said, "I examine myself three times every day." (I reflect on myself many times every day.) Front-end interview daily 3+1 questions, interview questions to drive learning...

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