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WEEK9- Imitation Windows Notepad

HOMEMADE KNOCKOFF WINDOWS NOTEPAD! The notepad realizes the functions of creating, opening and saving files. Text copy, paste, delete functions; Font type, format setting function; Functions such as date and time are displayed in the status bar

Teach you how to make a music player (Csharp Winform)

Introduction: the project is written by c# winform, using the player is based on AxWindowsMediaPlayer. The left side of the picture is the list and the right side is the background picture. The + and - buttons represent add file and delete file respectively. There is also control broadcast...

C# cropping the image method

Cropping pictures is a common operation in our life. So how do you crop images using C#? First of all, we need to understand that cropping an image is actually cutting out a certain rectangular area in the original image. We need to determine the coordinates (x, y) of this rectangle in the image, as well as the width and height of the rectangle.

Making music player (C#)

This is the fifth day that I participated in the challenge of More text, the details of the activity view: More text challenge function to achieve the basic functions of music player, you can choose to play the file, can also drag the file to play. In this project,.wav files are used. Scan the QR code to get more wonderful Things

Manual implementation of C# version of the simple version of inversion of control

In fact, most of the known frameworks are implemented using a combination of reflection and design patterns. The core of IOC is reflection. This article only Outlines its principle, but there are many details that are not covered, such as parameter type conversion when calling set method, complex embedded property injection and so on.

Client ffmpeg c# compressed video display progress bar

Similar to this client, the first box is to input the path of compressed video, you can choose multiple, the second box is to output the path of compressed video, only one can be selected, the third box is the progress bar, and the last box is to click compress now. The first limit file format, only allow video format can be selected all code

AutoMapper source code analysis

When all the class has done well after the relational mapping, into the profile. The Configure (this) method, this method is analytical mapping MapperConfigurationExpression expression. After that, there are some configuration mapping operations in typemap. Seal that call CreateDestinat...

What is the future of.NET? The answers to all your questions are here -2017

You feel. Link: you feeling. The edgeization of C# is due to an anti-microsoft trend that has emerged in the last decade, which is more of a political movement than a technological one. To be honest, I hate this trend. It's totally over the top. It's all about open source and...

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