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Detail the API Gateway flow control implementation and uncover the technical details of the ROMA platform's high performance second level flow control

ROMA Connect, the core system of the ROMA platform, is a product of Huawei process IT integration platform with over 15 years of enterprise business integration experience within Huawei. With ROMA Connect, services, messages, and data from basic platforms such as the Internet of Things, big data, video, unified communications, GIS and other applications can be integrated, adapted, and orchestrated in a unified way.

[Graffiti Internet of Things Footprint] Description of standard instruction set of Graffiti cloud platform

Instructions, that is, are used to guide the way a piece of hardware works; Set means set, "instruction set" means a set of different guidance instructions. To put it simply, an instruction set is a collection of assembly instructions, and different CPUs use different instruction sets.

Native C/C++ Service Adaptation for Multi-Instruction Set CPUs

As Moore's Law has broken down in the CPU industry in recent years, many vendors are looking for alternative solutions at the instruction set architecture level. In consumer products, Apple introduced Apple Silicon M1 with the ARM instruction set to great acclaim. In the cloud service industry, Huawei Cloud and Amazon have developed and launched ARM CPU servers by themselves a few years ago, which have made great achievements in terms of cost and performance.

Dry Cargo Safety fault causes CPU high problem handling

This article is from @twt community, by Bo Ya. During this period of time, one of our application test servers experienced high CPU and failed to log in normally. The specific situation is as follows: At about 6:00 PM on February 28th, the developer suddenly sent me a screenshot, saying that the 187 server could not log in, and asked me if I had changed the password, as shown in Figure 1: Consider that during this period of time, only the installation of the monitoring tool for testing operation and maintenance was useful for 187 service, but it was only 10 days ago, and I had not changed the password...

The localization process and reflection of one time CPU occupying 1600% problem

After a slight revision, the system went online. After the launch, no problems were found in the test. The next day, the feedback was that the system was stuck and the system was offline. Check system problems, optimize interface speed online, found no problem after online, the next day still appear lag. At this time, observe the CPU usage of 1600%. If you think of it at this time, first rollback. No site was reserved. Test environment test found 100% CPU idle time found the problem fixed. But be sure, 100% here is not causing 1600%...

Front-end interviews 3+1 daily -- Day 680

[HTML] Make a multi-select drop-down box [CSS] Use pure CSS to draw an angular gradient background [JS] How to check for high CPU usage in a page? [Soft Skills] How to record the user's operation trajectory and restore? In The Analects of Confucius, Confucius Zeng said, "I examine myself three times every day." (I reflect on myself many times every day.) Front-end interview 3+1 questions a day, interview questions to drive learning, progress a little every day...

Experience pipelining/multi-launch of CPU

Preface preface < One line of machine instructions tells you how slow memory is. , we experienced an order of magnitude difference in performance due to CPU pipeline blocking. At the time, it was just inferred from machine code analysis, and this time we did some smaller experiments to verify it. Before we get started, let's get some background. In \ & lt; What does the CPU provide? As described in the first article, the CPU provides the ability to run machine instructions. And the CPU is like...

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