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Xmake V2.6.4 has a number of package management features

Xmake is very lightweight and has no dependencies because it has the Lua runtime built in. Maintain project builds using xmake.lua. The configuration syntax is more concise and intuitive than makefile/ cmakelists.txt, and is very friendly to beginners

5 C++ domestic open source projects worth learning recently

Since C++ was officially named in 1983, its standard has undergone many revisions and updates. At the end of 2018, C++ released the latest C++20, which makes C++ simpler, more complete, more powerful, easier to learn and use. In China, there are a lot of C++ developers in every field. They may not be at the forefront of the programming trend, but no one would deny that he...

In-depth analysis of data storage in memory

This is a simple C language knowledge to explain the article, each point and topic inside have my personal part of the understanding, you can not only take it as a supplement to the knowledge, but also as a class or review notes, welcome big brother criticism, feel helpful to you can also like collection a wave!

Brief analysis of C/C++ compilation process

This is a classic song by Yang Zongwei, and I quote it because today's content is like the Onion. It needs to be peeled away, one layer at a time, from the tightly wrapped coat of the compiler... Previous articles in this series have covered C

C++- various callback functions and related arguments to write

A callback function passes a pointer to a function and calls the function it points to. The called function is called a callback function. Once you've learned the concept of callable objects, you can pass in a variety of callable objects to implement callbacks. Go straight to the code

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