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Code Prettier - Prettier

Prettier, an Prettier tool for front end development, can make your code more clean, can significantly improve the look and feel of the code in team development, and can no longer fear colleagues call your code mountain shit

The factory method pattern of design patterns

The Fatory Method Pattern defines an interface for creating an object, but lets the class implementing the interface decide which class to instantiate. Factory methods defer class instantiation to subclasses. Belongs to the creation pattern.

Front-end Code Quality Management (I)

I believe that coding norms are not unfamiliar to everyone, and if we talk about this topic again in 9102, I am afraid that ears will be tired, but coding norms from the beginning to the ground is a difficult journey, especially for the different coding habits of the members, and the tricky ancestral code. It doesn't matter if you are an old driver or a new driver. How to develop coding specifications? This is an eternal topic, even out of...

Projects require good code standardization standards

Why should there be normalization standards? Software development requires multiple people to work together and different developers have different coding habits and preferences that increase the cost of maintaining a project and each project or team needs to have a clear unified standard where do you need to standardize standards? Code, documentation, even the commit log


Bridge Pattern definition The bridge pattern, also known as the bridge pattern, the interface pattern, or the handle pattern, separates the abstract part from its concrete implementation, so that they can be changed independently. It is a structural pattern that establishes the relationship between two classes by means of combination, rather than inheritance. Abstract dimensions and implementations

Builder Pattern

A Builder Pattern separates the construction of a complex object from its representation, allowing the same construction process to create different representations. Features: Users only need to specify the type to be built to get the object, the construction process and

Front-end development style guide

The purpose of a specification is to write high quality code that makes us and our colleagues happy every day and happy to work together. Use lowercase letters and separate them with a hyphen (or a hyphen). Use all lowercase ways, delimited by a hyphen (or hyphen). When there is a complex structure, use the plural naming method, and do not use plural abbreviations. Names in the code are strictly forbidden to be mixed with Pinyin and English...

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