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Garbage collector ParNew and CMS

Garbage collector is inseparable from garbage collection algorithm. The garbage collection algorithm is based on generational collection theory. That is, our heap area is usually divided into young generation and old age, the purpose of which is mainly to distinguish objects with different life cycles, such as dynasty

CMS application micro front-end practice based on Qiankun

LOOK live operation background project is a "Boulder application" that has been iterated for 2+ years, with more than 10+ developers participating in business development and 250+ pages. The huge amount of code brings low efficiency in construction and deployment. In addition, the project has completed its historical mission by relying on an internal Regularjs technology stack, and the corresponding UI component library and engineering scaffolding have also been...

JVM Quick Tuning Manual V1.0 bis: Common garbage Collector

If the collection algorithm is the methodology of memory collection, then the garbage collector is the concrete implementation of memory collection. There is nothing in the Java Virtual Machine specification about how garbage collectors should be implemented, so garbage collectors provided by different vendors and different versions of virtual machines can vary greatly, and generally provide parameters for users to combine collections for different generations based on their application characteristics and requirements

JVM -- G1 collector

1. Overview The operating system must be Windows XP or higher, Mac OS X or Linux. Please note that these tests were done on Windows 7 and have not yet been tested on all platforms. However, everything should work fine on OS X or Linux. Of course, it's even better if your machine has more than one core. Java 7...

The man with 1000 bags + vue.js + React Native + strange and clever

Sindre Sorhus, one of the most prolific engineers in the Node.js community, released his 1,000th NPM package this week. According to NPM, Sindre Sorhus accounts for 12% of all downloads. How do you feel when you see this? In addition, I have translated some wonderful articles into Chinese.

Dynamically generate form forms without worrying about forms

Which has the function of data collection, check and submit the form generator, extension support two-way data binding and event, component contains a check boxes, radio buttons, input boxes, and drop-down selection box form elements as well as the provinces, three-level linkage, timing, date selection, color choices, slider, grading, framework, the tree, the function such as file/picture uploading component.

Precise control of Scroll experience, talk about the new standard Scroll Snap

The CSS Scroll Snap standard is fully supported in Chrome 69, the latest stable release. This standard is used to set up a scroll capture point so that the final scroll position is attached to a nearby or specific type of capture point for a better scrolling experience. Today we're going to look at it. Those of you who have studied the CAD family of software probably know that when we move an object...

Easy to get, always hard to keep

The summer vacation in 2014 was at the end of my sophomore year in college, and I chose to study at home, perhaps a little different from other vacations. It was an opportunity to start writing code. I remember doing a web page is to imitate the official website of the school, I do not know a backward times

JVM garbage collection algorithm, garbage collector, references do you really understand?

Disadvantages: Mutual references form a loop, can not be recycled. Start from a Root node and search for reference nodes. The remaining nodes that are not referenced are useless and can be reclaimed. It is returned each time the garbage collection is performed to check whether the object has been removed from memory. It is returned each time the garbage collection is performed to check whether the object has been removed from memory. Cons: Need a piece of...

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